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Age Declaration Form PDF – Voter ID Card Form 6


Age Declaration Form PDF that form is used for the age declaration form voter id card form 6, so you can download it from the link is below.

If you are being asked to submit an age declaration form to complete the new voter application process then this article will help you.

I hope you will get all the information about that form after reading this article once. here are the details of that form –

Form Name Annexure – III (Age Declaration)
Type Governmental
Form Format PDF
File Size 40 KB
Pages 1
Accept for Voter Enrollment (NVSP)


age declaration form pdf

Age Declaration Form PDF for Voter ID Card Form 6

If you are looking for Age Declaration Form PDF then from here you can download it. But before downloading that form I want to make something clear about that form that why and where is the form required.

That form is necessary for voter enrollment but not for everyone. It is only required for the specific person which I have explained in detail below.

If you want to enroll your name in the voter list and get a voter ID card. Then you have to fill Form 6 and need that form if you are above 21 years of age.


You are required to declare your age. Because after 18 years you have to register your name in the voter list. And if you are late in enrolling in the list then you have to declare your age by using the age declaration form.

What to fill in the age declaration form?

Age Declaration Form is a simple thing you have to fill in only a few things on that form. Which I have explained in detail below.

annexure iii form 6

You have to fill few things on that form and you have to declare that your name is not included anywhere in India on the EPIC.

  1. Need to fill in your name.
  2. Your Father or Husband’s name.
  3. Addresses.
  4. And about the legislative assembly constituency.
  5. Signature of the applicant.

Download the form from the given links.

Download Age Declaration Form PDF

Age Declaration Form added in PDF format download it from the given link.

Details Links
Age Declaration Form Download
Go Digital Zone Home Page

More PDF File –


Why is the Annexure III Age Declaration Form required?

That form is required for enrolling a new name in the EPIC of a person who is above 21 years of age.

The age declaration form is same for all states of India?

Yes, that form is required from the national level portal, so that form is the same for all states of India.

What is Annexure III Form?

Annexure iii Form is an age declaration form that is required for fresh new name enrollment in EPIC.


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