Ration Card Assam Online Check 2021 – New Ration Card List


Ration Card Assam Online Check – If you had applied for your new Ration Card in Assam or if you have an already Ration Card, then how can you check it online? In this article, I will tell you the full information about it.

You can get your ration card data online sitting at home. How many family members names are there in your ration card, and who is the family head, you can get all the information online from home.


If you do not have a ration card, you can apply online for a new ration card in Assam. If you have not read our article, then read it now and get information about how to apply for a new ration card online in Assam.

Apart from this, if you want to print your ration card data with photos, then you read this article. Ration Card Family Details Assam 2021 – With Photo.


Ration Card Assam Online Check

As we have mentioned above, you can check your ration card data online from home. If you have applied for a new ration card in Assam and want to see its results, whether your name is included in the ration card or not. So how can you check this, we have explained below it.

You can extract the data of the ration card of your entire village. And can also print it. And if you want to see that whose name has been newly included in the ration card in your village, then you can see it without even knowing the number of the ration card.


Way to Check Ration Card Assam Online

There are many ways in which you can check your Ration Card online. You can check village wise or with family details, or even district wise, you can get information about your ration card online.

You can check your own ration card online using the method given below.

  1. Using the dealer name,
  2. District name or block name and,
  3. Using your village name and,
  4. Also, you can check your new ration card online using a ration card number or family head name.

Also, if you want to know how many ration cards are there in your state and in your district or in your village. You can check all information about it online at home.

How to Check a New Ration Card Status Online in Assam?

If you had applied for a new ration card and you have not received information yet. Then you can know about whether your ration card has been made or not. Let’s know how to check your new ration card on the list.


To check this, it is done by choosing the dealer name from the above mentioned Ration Card online checking method. So you are told about that below. How you can get information about your new ration card by choosing your dealer name.

  • First of all, you have to go to the NFSA website. For this, you click here.
  • Now select your state name, district name, taluka name, and your dealer name and then click on view report.Check ration card list
  • Right now, the names of all the ration cardholders in your village. And the names of all those applying for a new ration card will also be visible.
  • See the picture below to identify the name of the new ration cardholder from that list.ration card list
  • Where the card type is written like AAY, BPL, etc. there will be written NEW, the name of which is newly included in the ration card Assam.

This is the process by which a new ration card is registered in your name or not, you can check it online.


How to Check Ration Card Assam Online

If an already Ration Card is registered in your name and you want to check its data online, then see the information below.

We have already written an article about it, such as complete information about the ration card. You can check the entire information about your card online, we have told you about this. And if you have not read this article, then you can read this by clicking here.


If you want, you will get your ration card information and can print it along with a family head photo, full information about that is also given in that article.

Ration Card Customer Care and Complaints Board Assam

If you have a ration card and its benefit is not being given to you. And all the names of your family are mentioned in your ration card but you are not being given the benefit of all of them.


So you can complain against him/her in customer care. The full information about customer care and complaint board is given below.

Department Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department.
Toll-free no 18003453611, 1967 (BSNL only).
Address Block – E, 1st floor, Assam Secretariate
Dispur, Guwahati-781006


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