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Character Certificate PDF – Format and Application Form


Character Certificate PDF fillable or printable format you can download from here and download character certificate application form also.

Nowadays if you want to join any institute or government sector anywhere then they ask for a character certificate through which your character is measured.

There are many differences in the character certificate. That is why a character certificate pdf format and application form to collect a valid character certificate are also added to this page.



How to Download Character Certificate PDF?

Form name Character Certificate
Form type Governmental
Size 47 KB
Format PDF
Pages One Page
Purpose Job Joining
Valid for 6 months
Character Certificate Format Download
Character certificate application form Download
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What is a character certificate?

Character Certificate Nowadays, if you go to join a job or any institute, then this certificate is asked of you.

This certificate is used to find out what your character is like. For example – are you not a criminal, if there is no FIR registered in your name, or whether you are doing any bad work or not. All these things are known from the character certificate.

But there are many differences in the character certificate, like the character certificate is also given from the institute and it is also given from the panchayat.


And it has different uses too. In the field in which the character certificate is sought, the same type of certificate has to be submitted.

Like if you want a certificate for any job then you have to take a character certificate from the police.

That’s why in this article I’ve added both information, you can download a format that you can sign from anywhere you want. And also you can download the application form to get the certificate from the police.

Character Certificate Types

Below are some common character certificate types –

  • Police character certificate.
  • Institute character certificate.
  • Character certificate from previews job organizations.
  • Character certificate from panchayat or village headman.
  • Commonly used character certificate.

How to get a character certificate?

As I have already said that from where the character certificate is sought, the certificate of the same type has to be submitted.

That’s why download the character certificate pdf format from the download link given above. And get the signature from a valid authority.

And if you want that certificate for a new job then you have to get that character certificate from your district superintendent of police (SP) officers.

Download the application form for the job purpose certificate from the download link given above and fill it and submit it.


Police character certificate online

Most of the people search for Police Character Certificate only. Therefore, in many states in India, the option of online application for police character certificates has been kept.

You can also get the same certificate offline and if you want to get the same certificate online then you can apply online for it.

To apply online for a police character certificate you need to visit the official website of the state police.

But I would like to remind you one thing that not all the states of India have provided the facility of online application for this certificate.


You can check whether your state has the facility of online application by visiting the official website. If not, you can apply offline by downloading the form above section.

What documents need for a character certificate?

You do not have to provide many documents to get this certificate.

You will need to provide two types of certificates such as proof of identity and proof of address.

Documents –

  • Passport size color photo 2 copies,
  • Aadhaar card copy (for identity and address proof)
  • Bank passbook/driving license (If Aadhaar is not available)

How to fill the character certificate PDF?

Firstly, If you are filling the character certificate then there you have to fill in the applicant’s name his parent’s name, etc as given filed.

Secondly, if you are filling the application form then you have to fill in your personal details. Such as name, parent’s name, address, DOB, the reason for the certificate, etc.

Fill the certificate without any mistakes and do not overwrite. If the overwriting is done only in the certificate and not in the application. Then the place where the overwriting is done should be signed by the authority issuing the certificate.

Download more PDFs forms –



Where to get a character certificate?

You have to get the character certificate from the police, but you have to take it from where the person is asking for it.

For how many days is the character certificate valid?

A character certificate is valid for six months only.

How to apply online for a character certificate?

To apply online for a character certificate you have to visit the official website of the state police or state e-district portal.

Whose character certificate is necessary for a new job?

For a new job, you have to get a police character certificate.

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