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CSC registration 2021 and how to open a CSC center, people have many questions about how to open CSC center and CSC registration 2021, which will be solved in this article.

I am going to answer all your questions through this article. After reading this article, if you have any questions about CSC, you can comment below and say what you want to ask. I hope that you will not have any questions about CSC registration after reading this article.


Know about A to Z of CSC

What is CSC Center?

What is CSC Center? In response to this, you can know that a Common Service Centre (सर्व सेवा केंद्र ) (CSC) is one of the programs of the Government of India under the Digital India Program. It is the service delivery point enabled with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for the delivery of various public and private services to rural citizens of India.


So, guys, I told you what is CSC in short. If you want to take the CSC center yourself, then you can take it, and the CSC registration process is very easy which I told you below.

What are the services in the CSC?

So friends, if you want to take a CSC center then you can take it, it does not cost money, it comes from the government for free. There are uncountable services in CSC which will not cover in this article, I will only talk about 7-8 services.


CSC provides a number of services like –

Know about the DigiMail mail service of CSC and E-district Assam, Saral Haryana, Delhi e-district services and RTPS Bihar.


How to open CSC Center?

So, friends, we will know how you can open a CSC centers in your village/town. If you are wondering how you will take the CSC center, and what you need to take this center, then I will tell you all the processes a to z jus read the article till the end.

Who can apply for CSC Center?

So let’s know who can apply for the CSC center –


What eligibility should be for a CSC VLE?

Village Level Entrepreneur is the full form of CSC VLE. So let’s know what eligibility should be for a VLE –

CSC registration 2021 process

As I told CSC registration is very easy, to know the process follow the steps given below. If the CSC registration closed then you have to wait to re-open the CSC registration process.


You can also watch videos for well understood CSC Registration process


CSC registration for Self Help Group (SHG) 2021

There will also be CSC registration for self-help groups. For CSC registration of self-help, you will need the ID of a self-help group for proceeding ahead. Go ahead by giving captcha and mobile number, all is the same as VLE registration. There will be a CSC Center Register in the name of the Self-Help Group, which will benefit all the members.

Follow steps:


CSC registration for RDD 2021

The full form of RDD is Rural Development Department, which works under the Government, whatever it is in the process if the government organization wants to register and want to get the CSC ID, then only they will be given the opportunity and they will be able to get its ID.

How to check the CSC application status?

Applicants can track their application status with the help of an application acknowledgment number.


They can follow the given procedure to check the current status of their application-

This was the complete information of CSC registration, I think you have understood. However, If you have any questions, then comment below related to the topic.

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