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Desiremovies 2023 – Download Bollywood, Hollywood Hindi Movies – Facts


Desiremovies is a Bollywood, Hollywood, and South movie downloading website from Desiremovies allows you to download movies for free in HD.

Desiremovies movie website allows you to download all Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Indian movies in HD print. Millions of people are downloading movies from there daily. Even, you can download movies from there but before downloading movies from that website you should know some things very important about that website. That website has some conveniences and inconveniences that you need to know. In this article, I have explained why is that website illegal, and harmful, the consequences, etc.

Desiremovies is one of the popular movie-downloading websites that allow you to download newly released movies in 480p, 720p, and 1080p. But that website has been banned by the DMCA due to movie piracy. Therefore, that website runs illegally by changing its domain and making people criminals too. That is why I recommend you read this article before downloading any movies from Desiremovies tattoo.

Bollywood Movies for free Download on Desiremovies

Desiremovies website is one such website that allows you to download Bollywood and all Hindi movies for free. Bollywood is India’s most popular movie and when a Bollywood movie is released in the theater, then the movie theater becomes houseful. Like Bollywood’s King Shahrukh Khan Movie and Salman Khan’s Movie and Amir Khan’s Movie too, people feel heroic to watch Bollywood movies in India.


If you want to download some popular Bollywood movies from Desiremovies cyou then you can able to download newly released Bollywood movies from there. But whatever movies are available on that website are illegal. Therefore I suggest you watch movies legally which details are given below.

Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies for free download on Desiremovies

Desiremovies is known as Hollywood Hindi dubbed film downloading movie website and that is one of the most popular movie websites. If you also want to download Hollywood Hindi movies then you can download them from Desiremovies. There are many movie websites in India out of which the Desire movie website is also one. And where you’ll find Hollywood Hindi movies to download.

In the last few months, many popular Hollywood movies have been seen on Desiremovies, and people have downloaded them. Such as – The Dark knight, The Hobbit, The Jungle Book, The Great Wall, The Real Tevar, Thor Ragnarok, etc. Moreover, Hollywood film actors Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, and Angelina Jolie all these actors’ movies are uploaded without permission.  Apart from this, many Hollywood web series are also uploaded on that website. Those who can download for free according to that website owner.

South Indian Hindi Movies on Desiremovies for free download in HD

If you are looking to download the latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies for free in full HD then Desiremovies is such a website that allows you to download them for free. That website is such website that has a huge south Indian Hindi movie collection. Millions of people downloading movies from there in high quality but downloading movies from there mean committing movie piracy. Therefore, you should stay away from downloading movies from there.


TV Shows and WEB Series on Desiremovies to download for free

There is huge a collection of TV shows and Web series on Desiremovies therefore, if you want to download them then that website allows you to download them for free. They have collected full TV Shows and WEB Series from various portals and made them available for you. But whatever TV shows and newly released Web Series there are pirated copies which is why don’t download from that website.

Punjabi Movies Download for free in full HD on Desiremovies

If you are looking to download Punjabi movies then Desiremovies is a website that is providing newly released Punjabi movies for free download. That website allows you to download New Punjabi Movies in 480p, 720p, and 1080p resolutions. Apart from this, that website has a huge collection of Punjabi movies that you can download and watch online. But downloading movies from that website is not legit because it comes under movie piracy.

300MB Movies Download on Desiremovies

300Mb movies is one of the popular movie categories of Desiremovies and from there you can download Hindi and dual audio movies in 300 Mb. If you want to download 300Mb movies then you can download South Indian movies, Hollywood, Bollywood, and dual audio movies. But it is illegal therefore I recommend you watch movies legally.

Bhojpuri Movies for free Download on Desiremovies

Desiremovies is providing Bhojpuri movies in full HD quality 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Bhojpuri movies are available to download on that website for free in multiple formats HEVC, WEB-DL, HD-Rip, WEB-Rip, Blueray, Mkv, Mp4, HC, HDTS, HD-Cam, etc. But I will never recommend you download Bhojpuri movies from that website because it is a crime. Therefore, watch Bhojpuri movies legally from legitimate movie platforms.


HQ Dubbed Movies for free Download on Desiremovies

If you are looking to download HQ dubbed movies then Desiremovies is one of the popular movie-downloading websites that is providing High-Quality movies. You can able to download HQ dubbed movies such as South Indian Movies, Dual Audio Movies, Dubbed Movies, Bollywood, Hollywood Movies, etc. But it is important to watch movies legally but if you download HQ movies from that website then it will be a punishable offense.

What is Desiremovies 2023?

Desiremovies 2023 is a movie website that leaked movies illegally in HD quality. That website allows people to download movies from there for free. If you wanna download Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Indian movies then you can download them from there. Even, you can watch movies online without downloading them offline. 

Apart from this, As you know nowadays everyone likes to watch movies, especially in India. And keeping this in mind, Desire Movie Website has created a platform to give films to people for free. From there people can download any movie they wish. However, that website is a piracy movie website. And it is important for you to know because you are not permitted to download any movie from the internet without authorization. If you download, you need to know about the things mentioned below. Otherwise, you may also suffer losses for movie downloads in the future.

Is the Desiremovies movie website a piracy website?

Yes, Desire Movie Website is a piracy movie website. And running or creating a pirated movie website is a legal offense in India. If you visit the Desiremovies movie website every day and download movies from there. Then you should know that according to the law in India, the website of DesireMovies is not legal. Whatever movies are uploaded there are done using illegal methods.

movie piracy and jail

If any movie is shared with people without its original owner’s authorization, then it is called theft of the movie. If you are also involved in that kind of work, then you stay away from that kind of work because it is a crime. Due to this, you may have to go to jail and also have to pay a heavy fine.

What is Movie Piracy and the Relation between Desiremovies?

As you came to know from the above section that Desiremovies is a movie piracy website that uploads newly released movies on its website. For your information, let me tell you that whatever movies are available on that website all illegal. DesireMovies movie website does not have any authorization to share and stream movies, they are doing it illegally which comes under movie piracy. For a better understanding, you should know about movie piracy.

Movie piracy means when someone steals movies and earns money from the same movies by using them in their business. Such as sharing movies on a website, sharing movies on social media, downloading and transferring movies in exchange for money, making duplicate copies in CD formats, Streaming movies in an illegal theater, watching movies in a group, etc. comes under movie piracy crime.

Desiremovies cyou is committing movie piracy by sharing or uploading movies on its website.


Why is Desiremovies illegal?

As you came to know that Desiremovies is a piracy movie website that uploads pirated movies on its website. And no one can use anyone’s copyrighted movies without its authorization but that website does. This is a legal offense and if any people commit this piracy then it will be considered a violation of the Copyright Act 1957. For your information, let me tell you that to protect the original content from piracy and bad guys, the government made a law called the Copyright Act of 1957.

Desiremovies committed piracy crimes again and again and due to that filmmakers registered huge FIRs against that website. And after getting huge cases the government declared that the website is an illegal website.

Why is it illegal to use the DesireMovies.viz movie website?

After knowing about movie piracy you must know why it is illegal to use Desiremovies when millions of people are using that website and maybe you are also one of them. As you came to know that is a piracy website and piracy is a legal offense in India. If you commit movie piracy then you will be punished by the court under the copyright act. 

Using that website means downloading movies from there. And according to the law, if someone accompanies a crime, they are also considered a criminal. From that point of view, using an illegal website is also illegal.


What if you download movies from Desiremovies?

In this section, we will know what if I download movies from the Desiremovies movie website. And it is a very important section for those who are downloading movies from that website. We tell you what the court says about the downloading of movies. The court says that using any website on the Internet is not a crime of any kind. People can use any kind of website on the Internet. But if people download movies online without permission and without a license, then it is a legal offense.

The original owner of any film can take you to court for downloading the film without permission. The court gives them this right. But downloading movies from the internet has become a common practice in India. Nowadays, everyone downloads a movie from the Internet and watches it. In this situation, the movie owner takes action against those who developing and sharing movies to download the movie online. Because in India it is not possible to personally take all the people to court.

But if you got caught by the police or filmmakers then you will be punished. Because offense is an offense there is no sympathy will be shown to the criminals.

What type of film is providing Desiremovies?

As you know, the DesireMovies tools website is a movie-downloading website, so only movies are uploaded on that website. And whatever movie has been uploaded on that website, has been uploaded by piracy. Therefore, the film is uploaded several times on that website, but later it is also removed due to complaints.


For your information, let me tell you what kind of movies you can download from that website, and what kind of movies you can stream online from that website. We have prepared a piece of information related to it which is given below.

Desiremovies Movies Categories 

  • Bollywood movies
  • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed movies
  • Hollywood web series
  • Cartoon Movies
  • TV Series
  • Web Series
  • WWE Fight
  • Hollywood Movies in English
  • Bhojpuri Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • South Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • TV Shows
  • 300Mb Movies
  • Marathi Movies
  • Pakistani Movies
  • Urdu Movies
  • Korean Movies in Hindi
  • Gujarati Movies
  • English TV Shows

Movies Genres –

  • Crime,
  • Drama,
  • Thriller
  • Action
  • Sci-Fi
  • Comedy
  • Anthology
  • Mystery
  • War
  • Fiction,
  • Adventure
  • History

Qualities and formats

  1. 1080p 10-bit,
  2. 720p,
  3. 480p,
  4. HD,
  5. WEB-DL
  6. HEVC
  7. HD-Rip
  8. Blueray
  9. MKV,
  10. Mp4,

How to watch movies online for free from Desire movies?

If you want, you can watch any movie online. This facility has also been provided to their viewers by the Desire Movies website. If you also visit that website daily, then maybe you know that you can watch any movie online for free from there. By the way, watching movies online has become a common practice nowadays. Everyone watches movies and in relation to this, there are many portals online where you can watch movies for free.

Below we have also talked about watching movies online, and how you can watch any movies online for free. But over here we will talk about how you can watch any movie from the Desiremovie website.

To watch a movie from that website follow the instructions- 

  • First, you have to go to that website.
  • After that, you have to choose one category for which category of movie you want to watch.
  • Then you have to choose the movie you want to watch,
  • Now click on the movie and scroll down that page.
  • There you will get to see a button to watch a movie online by clicking on it, you can watch your selected movie online.
desiremovies watch movie online

Desiremovies Alternatives

There are several alternative movie websites of DesireMovies, you can use them. People want to enjoy movies when they are free. Many people want to entertain themselves by watching movies. For this people download movies from the DesireMovies movie website.

But many times people are unable to download the movie from that website due to that website being banned. Being a piracy movie website, the government has occasionally banned the website in India. Because of this people are not able to use that website. At that time, people need to know about its alternative films website. So we have brought you some alternative movie websites, which are mentioned below.


Desiremovies New Movie Download Links 2023

As we have already mentioned that the Desiremovie website is a movie piracy website, and because of this its domain name is banned by the government. And because of this, the domain name of that website changes three to four times a month, and many times the website does not open. Although the domain name of that website has changed a lot, we have collected some domain names which are mentioned below.


You can use all the domains mentioned above. Many times do not open that website, then at that time, you can check all these domains.


Why is Desiremovies so popular?

Let’s know why is Desiremovies so popular – As we have already told you that most people nowadays like to watch films. And people watch the film in their spare time. Because of this, people have started watching films every day and want to see a new film every day. For this, people go to the Desiremovies movie website because that website keeps uploading new movies on their website every day.

Apart from this, there are other reasons why people like that website. One of them it is easy to download any movie from that website, and there are several categories that help people find any movie with the help of category. At the time of downloading any movie on that website, many links are given. If any links do not work then people can download the movie from other links. Apart from this, people can watch any movie online from that website without downloading it.

Because of all this, people like that movie website and download movies from there.

Desiremovies App

Nowadays everyone looks for shortcuts. That is why people want to download its Android app. If you also want to download its app then read this section. Here I want to tell you that no Android app for that website has been developed yet.


One reason for this is that the website is a piracy movie website. And Google does not support any piracy websites. Due to this, the Android app of that website will not be published in the Google Play Store. There may be a reason for not publishing the application, their Android app is not built. In the future, if you develop an Android app for that website, then you will be able to download it from that website itself. No need to download the app from any third-party website

Why is it harmful to use Desiremovies?

Desiremovies is very harmful to you because that website is an illegal movie website and due to this Google itself does not support it. If you are using that website, you are responsible for it. If a virus enters your device through that website, then it is your responsibility.

A third-party advertisement company ad is run on that website. And due to this malware and viruses can enter your mobile and device. And apart from that, when you go to download the movie from that website, then you will ask for permission for the storage of Google Drive, which damages the storage of your Google Drive. For this, it is better if you do not download any movies from that website.

Apart from this, your mobile or device can also be hacked due to using that website. Because they are seeking many permissions to download the movie from that website. In addition, scammers and hackers can trap you using phishing methods.


You can watch movies for free from many portals instead of DesireMovies. If you want to watch the movie in the android app, then I have also made a list for it which will help you.

  1. Mx player
  2. Voot
  3. TVFplay
  4. Jio tv
  5. Airtel Xstream
  6. VI Movies
  7. Tubi tv
  8. Sonyliv
  9. Hungama Play

You will be able to watch the movie on all the apps mentioned above. In one, you can watch the movie by paying an annual subscription fee, and in some, you will be able to watch the movie for free.

Movie Piracy and Copyright Laws in India

As mentioned above, what is movie piracy, and what is called movie piracy? So if you commit a crime like movie piracy, you may also be jailed under copyright law and may have to pay heavy fines. Due to movie piracy, the owner of a website called TamilRockers has been arrested by the police and sent to jail.

For committing movie piracy, there can be a jail term of 6 months in India and a fine ranging from 50000 to 300000. So stay away from a crime like a movie piracy and be aware of people not committing a crime like that.


Disclaimer: We the Go Digital Zone team do not support any movie downloading websites and do not promote piracy websites. This article is written only for educational purposes only. If you have found something wrong with this article, then you must contact us.

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Why is the DesireMovies website banned?

The desired movie website is uploading movies on its website without the permission of its owner and illegally publishing all movies on the website.

Has the court taken action against the Desire movies website?

Yes, this is the reason why the domain name of the website DesireMovies is changing day by day, and by taking appropriate action against that website the government has banned their domain.

Are HD movies available to download on DesireMovies?

Yes, they only upload high-definition movies and due to piracy they also upload recorded videos.

Is Desiremovie a free movie-downloading website?

Yes, but it is not legal.

How to download movies from Desiremovies?

To download movies from there, select the movie, click on the download button, generate the download link, and download the movie.


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