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About: 10000+ Assamese Song by DJAssam – Assamese Song Video


DJAssam is an Assamese Song uploader website, this is the most popular website in Assamese Song New. Find the latest Assamese Video Song with DjAssam.

In Assam, there are a variety of very good songs that are also discussed in the international area. Many people of other countries love the Assamese song hardly.

Of course, there are many good singers in Assam, among them are Zubeen Garg, Papon, Babu Baruah, Nekib Hussain, Nahid Afreen, Vrigu Kashyap, Dikshu, Jublee, Priyanka Baralai, Neel Akash, Kusum Kailash, etc. All singer’s songs are uploaded to DjAssam website.

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DjAssam – Assamese Song | Assamese Song Video

In this website publish only Assamese promotional audio and video song, also you can download album video songs from here. This website provides only free audio and Video for original songs you have to buy from other platforms, this site is based on Assamese Video Song like –

Assamese Song – DJAssam

Assamese people, also known as Asamiya, who live in Assam State, speak Assamese and listen to Assamese Song.

Many people are out of the state of Assam like Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, and also in Bangladesh and Bhutan. 15 to 20 million people speak the language and listen to a favorite Assamese Song Bihu of the heart Assamese Song New.

The name ‘Assamese’ is a form of the real language of the Assamese. Indian language is a branch of the Indo-Indian language, which developed in the 7th century AD and its roots are from the Sanskrit language.


The Assamese language has been declared as one of the major languages of the Indian Republic of India. They all listen to their own song Assamese.

Assamese Video Song

In this region, DjAssam is a popular song promotional website where thousands of songs collection is available for the people. In this region, Zubeen Garg and Papon is the most popular singer who sang many songs for their language.

Download Assamese Song New – DjAssam

If you want to download Assamese songs than you can download from here only promotional movies and album songs. From this website, you can get various songs. To download songs follow bellow steps –

  • Go to djassam.com
  • Now select your category from where you want to download songs. You can download Assamese Song New and trending Assamese Song Video which showing on the home page.
  • Now select your songs to download, also you can listen online before download.
  • After that, click on song title for download.
  • Now your download will be started.

Assamese Song New

In the season for Assamese young people want daily a new song by their favorite singer like Zubeen Garg, Neel Akash, Kusum Kailash, Babu Baruah, etc. For this season, many songs are released for young boys and girls from Neel, Babu, and Zubeen also.

Assamese Song New

The Assamese music director is also too good for this reason they get support from young people. Whether song sang by any singer but people just looking at his/her talent.


Assamese Video Song

After launching the Jio network in India people watch videos daily more than ever. People now easily get the latest video song on YouTube. Assamese video director and Assamese music director try to make their best always.

Download Assamese Video Song

There is various Assamese new video song collection. Assamese video calls out to the young people with a lot of fun and entertainment.

Assamese Song Bihu

The most revered festival of Assam State is celebrated with great enthusiasm and show. The festival mainly celebrates the harvest season.


Bihu Geet is an integral part of the festival, which is close to the hearts of all the Assamese. Here we present a list of Madhur Bihu festival songs that are sung with the melodic sound of Indian musical instruments.

The festive air is incomplete, without enjoying these Bihu songs sung to express pleasure during the festival to enjoy the harvest season.

The lyrics of the Bihu song beautify the lips of those who enjoy music with a whisper in the village, as well as sing and dance traditional music such as Toka, Gagan, Dhol, and Pepa.

1000+ Assamese Song Bihu Collections


zubeen garg song

Disclaimer: Under Indian law, piracy is a crime. This news has been notified of your legal activity so you can stay away from such a site. Do not download movies through this site.

Assamese Singer List

  • Zubeen Garg
  • Angoraj Papon Mahanta
  • Abhi Sarmah
  • Baby Kuin
  • Abhishruti Bezbaruah
  • Abinash Priyam
  • Barsha Borah
  • Achurjya Borpatra
  • Adana Priyom
  • Beauty Talukdar
  • Akangkhya Mahanta
  • Akash Nibir
  • Bhargab Duarah
  • Akhu
  • Aliva Moon
  • Bhupen Hazarika
  • Ambalika
  • Ambar Das
  • Bijoy Bhuyan
  • Amrita Gogoi
  • Amritprabh Mahanta
  • Zublee
  • Ananta Konwar
  • Ananya Borah
  • Neel Akash
  • Angshuman Pol Deka
  • Anima Borthakur
  • Kusum Kailash
  • Anima Chakraborty
  • Anindita Borah
  • Babu Baruah
  • Ankita Deka
  • Ankita Goswami
  • Vreegu Kashyap
  • Ankur Moni Bhuyan
  • Ankur Sharma
  • Priyanka Barali
  • Ankurmoni Bhuyan
  • Annanya Goswami
  • Bijoy Bobo
  • Anniesha Laloo
  • Anup Neel
  • Bijoy Sharma
  • Anupam Saikia
  • Aparna Dutta Chaudhury
  • Bikash Kalita
  • Apurba Jaan
  • Apurbajyoti Mohan
  • Bidyut Bikash
  • Archana Mahanta
  • Ariyan Hazarika
  • Bibek Shyam
  • Aroti Kopohowa
  • Arpona Phukon
  • Barasha Bharoti
  • Arundhati Bezbaruah
  • Arupjyoti Baruah
  • Babon Manash
  • Astha Rupa
  • Atul Dutta
  • Babita Sarma
  • Aveenab Moran
  • Abhinob Borah
  • Banasree Das
  • Bandana Deka
  • Achinta Mugdha
  • Banjit Bhatta
  • Ajoy Phukan
  • Barsha Khataniar
  • Bastav Nath
  • Akash Pritom
  • Beena Bhagawati
  • Bhabesh Thakur
  • Alok Bikash
  • Bharoti Boruah
  • Bhaskar Nilim
  • Amit Paul
  • to be continued..

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