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Domicile Certificate Format for Pan Card in Assam pdf


Domicile Certificate Format for Pan Card in Assam pdf – This form is used to make only PAN card as age proof. This Domicile Certificate Issued Under Section 11/12 Assam.

People who run the pan facilitation center by NSDL will definitely have knowledge about it. Those people use this form as age proof. For your information, let me tell you that the validity of this form is not given by UTI. This certificate is approved by NSDL only.

Domicile Certificate Format for Pan Card in Assam pdf

If you want to apply for a pan card then you will need age proof for that. But many people in Assam do not have their age proof but age proof is mandatory for making a PAN card. In this situation, if the Resident Certificate is signed by the head of the village, the President / Secretary of the Panchayat, then it is approved for making PAN by pan agency authority.

This certificate was earlier approved by both pan agencies UTI and NSDL. But from 2020 UTI does not consider it age-proof to make a PAN card through them. If you also get this certificate to be signed by the Village Headman, Panchayat President / Secretary for getting PAN card by UTI PAN agency. Then this certificate will not be approved by UTI and your PAN application will be rejected.

domicile certificate Assam for PAn

Download Pan Card Domicile Certificate Form pdf for Assam

As we mentioned above, this form is only used by the NSDL PAN agency for making PAN cards. If you also live in Assam and you want to get a PAN card but you do not have age proof, then this form is for you.

If you want to download and print the domicile certificate of Assam for PAn Card then you can do it below. We have collected the form for you in PDF format.

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Domicile Certificate for Pan Card in Assam Download


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Disclaimer: We have not designed this certificate. This form has been downloaded from the Internet. We just share it to help you in this matter. The godigitalzone.in is not responsible for this form.


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