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Dwijing Festival 2022-23 Schedule, Dates, Place

Whether Dwijing Festival will be held or not and what are the dates of the festival 2022-23 are explained in detail in this post.


Dwijing Festival 2022-23 is an annual river festival in the BTR area. The Dwijing Festival is celebrated as the New Year festival with a colorful program at the end of the year.

As you know, this festival has been calendared and according to that rule, this festival will be organized at the end of this year.

Every year Bollywood singers and actors are invited to this festival. As you know these festive events are organized with enough entertainment for different types of entertainment.

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Dwijing Festival 2022-23 – Begins at Aie River Park Chirang

Dwijing Festival 2022-23: Every time an attempt is made to make the festival more interesting than other times. Bollywood playback singers and actors join the Dwijing festival. Every year many more celebrities are invited to entertain at the festival.

dwijing festival1

The Festival starts from the 27th of December 2021 to the 7th of January 2022 every year. Many sports auditions will start at this time and also you can enjoy horse riding, parachute ride, paragliding, boat ride, elephant safari, Zip safari, etc.

Aforegoing Shahrukh Khan, Arijit Singh, and Neha Kakkar can be seen in Dwijing. Although there was a lot of discussion on social media about inviting those people last two years ago, for some reason it could not happen.

Dwijing Festival 2022-23 Dates and Schedule

For general information, I want to tell you that last year the festival was not organized due to the corona pandemic and fluctuations due to local govt elections in BTR areas. You should know that this festival is organized by the local government so the festival was not organized last year.


This time the Dwijing Festival Committee meeting was held on Wednesday 17th November 2021 at Hotel Cygnet Mega Park, Chirang. And in that meeting, the festival of this time was discussed and the administrative department of Chirang district was present at the meeting. 

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Chiang DC visited the spot on 22 November 2021 and he took the final decision that this time also the festival will not be held. The reason, he said that if the festival is organized then lakhs of people will gather there and it is a very bad thing for Corona. And because of that, the festival will not be organized.

Last time in 2019-20 the Minister of Transport Department Chandan Brahma told the media that this festival will be organized every year. And he had fixed the date of the festival and told us that this festival will be organized every year on this same date.


The festival’s calendared date is the 27th of December 2021 to the 7th of January 2022. Stay tuned to get real and accurate updates about Dwijing when the date is fixed we will update it for you.

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What is Dwijing Festival in BTR?

Dwijing Festival means “River Festival” bank of the river, which festival calls in the Bodo language as Dwijing Festival. Dwi means “water” and Jing means “Near” at once Near Water in Bodo “Dwijing” it’s a Bodo language. The Dwijing Festival will be celebrated in different colorful events such as the BTR region.

Ethnic trade and food festivals, exhibitions, games and sports, river campaigns and adventures, and various cultural programs make it the center of a New Year’s festival.


As a means of earning a platform for locals and others in the region, the festival focuses specifically on business activities for the generation of advanced economies through rural tourism. However, the festivities support the families of flood victims through the reproduction and distribution of festival generations.

Is Dwijing Festival Tourist Place?

Yes! Dwijing Festival place definitely it’s an awesome place for a visitor at the festival time. Special benefits are provided to the tourist while staying in the city, and many more facilities for leisure to eating.

Seeing this place so beautiful, the feeling of peace and love comes more and more fascinating. Here are various types of sports for the tourists visiting the awesome place, with the help of a helicopter you can see Manas National Park.

Dwijing Festival Location and Place

The Dwijing Festivall starts end of the year and began in the New year (December- January). This place is located in the district of Chirang, BTR, Assam. This place people call Hagrama Bridge because the center of attraction is the longest bridge park.


Place name – Aie River Park, Hagrama Bridge, Tulshijhora
District – Chirang, BTR, Assam.
Begin the festival – From the last week of December 27th to 7th January the first week. This is a calendared time table every year same time with the same days.

Hagrama Bridge
Roumari, Assam 783394
Tourists place – Yes
Here is the google map location –

Aie River – Mother Dwijing Fest

The “Mother” starts from the Himalayan hills of Bhutan and passes through the Chirang and Bongaigaon districts of Assam and falls into the Brahmaputra river. The river plays an important role in their everyday lives through the collection of crops, fishing, rock and sand, and many other activities in around 30000 families of the Chirang district.

During the winter season of the year, the river creates huge attractions for many tourists (local / inspection) for picnics and weekend activities. About 1,200 meters of this bridge is named Hagrama Bridge, the center of attraction of the longest bridge place in the rural areas of the state.

In the summer season, due to heavy rainfall, the rivers cause extensive damage to both ends and thus reduce the property and life of many families. For more details click here.


Dwijing Festival 2022-23

At present, the Dwijing Festival has become a great festival for the BTR area. People here are waiting for the Festival with great hope that the festival will start again. The reason is the joy of the festival. Every year the festival is celebrated and there are crowds of people.

And every spring people see other things in celebration of this festival because every festival does not the same, which results in people waiting for the festival to go crazy.

The artificial designs of this festival that’s really awesome for that fascinate people and want to see them again and again. And the whole design is made with natural materials.

If you come here, you will at once feel that the place is really beautiful. It feels better in the daytime, and at night it is much better, because of the joy of the celebration, by arranging the festival on different cultural occasions.


Bollywood heroes have been spotted at cultural events here, which changed the festivals even further. Many Bollywood singers come here and show their hard work. Many Singers of Assam come here like Zubeen Garg, Babu Baruah, and many more.

Is there a place to stay at Dwijing Festival?

Yes! of course, you can stay at Dwijing Festival place single and with your family. There are many places to stay around the festival. There is a 3, 5-star hotel if you search for Expansive, and if you want to stay on the river, you can stay there. River camp house is a delightful environment if you want to stay there.

The nearest hotel is Cygnet Park, Himalaya Hotel is also popular in this area to stay with your family, but it is very expensive. You can book this hotel online by Goibibo, Make Mytrip, etc. India’s largest oil refinery is located there Bongaigaon Refinery if you wish to visit there.

Some Activities of this Dwijing Festival

As we told above you can enjoy it a lot Dwijing Festival, there are many facilities for sports and many things like Paragliding, Helicopter Rides, Riverside Camping, Hot Air Balloons, Adventure Sports, Arts & Crafts, Bollywood Performances, a Food zone, Ethnic Market, Sports, Art installation, Traditional Dance Performance, Jungle Safari, Exhibition, etc.



Millions of people come to enjoy the New Year celebrations at that festival. There are many sports categories out there Paragliding is also one of them. You can enjoy paragliding there and see the beauty of the river.

paragliding at dwijing festival

Helicopter Ride:

You can also roam on a helicopter at that festival. During the festival, you can go there and get up on a helicopter and see a beautiful view of the surroundings.

helicopter ride at dwijing

Riverside Camping:

If you love nature and want to sit near the water with moonlight then that dream of yours will come true with this festival. Because you can spend your best time with colorful lights and moonlight by river camping of the same festival.

riverside camping at dwijing

Hot Air Balloon: 

After the helicopter and paragliding ride, you can enjoy a hot air balloon ride through which you can see the whole festival arrangements and the beauty of the riverbank. You can also say that this is another attraction of this festival.

hot air balloon

Bollywood Performances:

To make this event more spectacular, many Bollywood celebrities are invited to this festival every year. You can enjoy this festival very well from all sides.

bollywwod celebrities at dwijing

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Will the Dwijing Festival be held in 2022-23?

The committee has still not said anything about whether the event will be held this year in 2022-23.

What is the calendarized date of the Dwijing festival?

Dwijing Festival is held every year from 27 December to 7 January.

Was the Dwijing Festival held last year?

Last year the Dwijing Festival was not organized due to the corona epidemic.

Which year is the first edition of Dwijing festival?

Dwijing festival was first organized in the year 2016-17.

What is the name of the first festival held at the same place?

A festival called Winter Festival was first organized by the local people at the same place.

Do I need a ticket to enter the Dwijing Festival?

Yes, you need a ticket to enter the festival. Last time its ticket cost was Rs 20.

Dwijing Festival won the award in which category at the WOW Awards Asia 2020?

Rural engagement property of the year, Rural activation of the year, A special event of the year for government/federation /association, Business/ B-2-B/knowledge-exchange property of the year, And Special events of the decade.

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