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E-District Delhi – Citizen Registration | Online Apply | Application Status


E-District Delhi application process, how to citizen register on e-district Delhi 2020 for the citizen. Here is the solution to the e-district portal 2020.

The E-District Project is an important digital public service of the Government of India. This is the government’s move to fulfill its goal of creating Make in India of Digital India.

With the help of the E-District Project, the government has made it possible for all the government certificates to be given to the people through public service. Delhi Government to make digital services suitable for people they take necessary action against in Make in India and Digital India.

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What is E-District Delhi?

E-district Delhi Project is a Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). This project is being implemented by the Department of Information Technology, Government of Delhi.

The objective of this project is to improve the G2C engagement experience between the government and the citizen. Its aim is to provide uninterrupted service of services to the citizens by increasing the efficiency of the districts.

How to Citizen Register E-District Delhi 2020

A home user or citizen can apply for the E-District Services through https://edistrict.delhigovt.nic.in follow the below steps to create an account on E-district Delhi portal:

  1. Go to E-District Delhi portal click here
  2. Now click on New User from the Registration at e-District Delhi section
  3. Now select your document type and fill with you documents number
  4. Fill captcha and tick on I declare conditions.
  5. click on continue.
  6. A citizen registration form will be open and fill that carefully without mistakes.
  7. Now click on continue to register.
  8. A page will be open and a temporary access code and password will be sent to your email account which you have to fill.
  9. Now you are registered successfully completed for citizen registration in Delhi E-district.
  10. After successful your registration a User ID and Password will be sent to your email.

Delhi E-district portal


Now you can take benefit from the Delhi E-district services easily from your home.

E-District Delhi Portal Online Form

After completing the e-district registration Delhi process. You can get all e-form services from the portal without any trouble. E-district portal providing many digital services for the citizen. You can see from the below service list of the Delhi portal.
Follow the instructions for getting e-form services of Assam Government steps as follows:
  • Go to Online E-district Portal website click here
  • Now click on registered users log in.
  • Login with your user ID and password.
Now you can apply online various services provides by the Delhi Government.
e-district service delhi
So guys having any trouble you can leave a comment for us. district Delhi portal is very helpful for the citizen of Delhi.

How to Download E-district Approved Certificate

After approving your certificate you have to download from online. You need to digitally verify your certificate after download it. Follow the below-mentioned steps –

Certificate Download Process – 

  • Log in to e-form with your e-district ID
  • Click on the Print tab
  • Select your certificate and provide an application number and DOB.
  • Now a download your certificate

If asked to digital signature verification, then follow the method below.


Digital sign verify process –

  • Open your certificate with adobe reader
  • Right-click on the sign (?)
  • Click on show signature properties
  • Click show signatures certificate
  • Now click on Trust tab
  • Tik all the boxes and
  • Click on Add to trusted certificate and click OK
  • Now click on Validate Signature

Now your certificate successfully digitally verified you can this certificate anywhere.

How to Check Application Status On E-District Delhi

If you are applying for E-District service then follow the procedure mentioned below to know the application information.

  1. Go to Delhi E-district Portal
  2. Login with your registered e-district details
  3. Now click on the Reports tab
  4. Click on Application Status
  5. Now you can see the status of your applications

What services does e-district Delhi provide to the public?

The services provided by the Delhi Government are provided digitally to the people as follows –



  • Registration of Marriage
  • Issuance of Caste (SC) Certificate
  • Issuance of Solvency Certificate
  • Issuance of Domicile Certificate
  • And Issuance of Income Certificate
  • Issuance of Land Status Report
  • Mutation
  • Issuance of Delayed Birth Order
  • Issuance of Delayed Death Order
  • And Issuance of Surviving Member Certificate
  • Issuance of Lal Dora Certificate
  • Issuance of Caste (ST) Certificate
  • Solemnization of Marriage
  • Enrollment as Civil Defence Volunteer
  • Grant of License of Cinematograph
  • Renewal of License of Cinematograph
  • Provisional Certificate of Cinematograph
  • Issuance of Permanent Identity Card to the Disabled Person
  • Payment and Relief Service
  • Mukhyamantri Tirth Yatra Yojana
  • Issuance of Caste (OBC) Certificate


  • Old Age Pension Scheme
  • Delhi Family Benefit Scheme
  • Disability Pension Scheme


  • Delhi Pension Scheme to Women in Distress


  • Surrender of AAY/Priority Household Card
  • FPS Change in the AAY/Priority Household Card
  • Head of Family Change in the AAY/Priority Household Card
  • Other Details Updation in the AAY/Priority Household Card
  • Updation of Member Details in the AAY/Priority Household Card
  • New Member Addition in the AAY/Priority Household Card
  • Member Deletion in the AAY/Priority Household Card
  • Issuance of AAY/Priority Household Card


  • Merit Scholarship to SC/ST/OBC/Minority Students of College/Professional Institutions
  • Pre Matric Scholarship schemes for SC
  • Post matric Scholarship schemes for SC
  • Scholarship/Merit Scholarship to SC/ST/OBC/Minority Students for the in School(for Class I to XII) and for OBC (Class VI to XII)
  • Financial Assistance for purchase of Stationery to SC/ST/OBC/Minority Category
  • Pre Matric Scholarship for OBC Students(PMS-OBC)
  • Post Matric Scholarship for OBC Students(PMS-OBC)
  • Reimbursement of Tuition Fees for Students Belonging to SC/ST/OBC/Minority Category


  • Merit-cum-Means Income Linked Financial Assistance Scheme of Delhi Higher Education Aid Trust
  • Modified Higher Education and Skill Development Guarantee Scheme


  • Application Form for Issuance of Certificate of Competency Class-I (Electrical Supervisor)
  • Grant of Registration of Establishment employing Building Workers of BOCW (RE&CS) Act, 1996
  • Renewal/Amendment of Licence for Contractor under Contract Labour (R&A) Act, 1970
  • Application for Statutory Inspection of the Electrical Installations under Regulations 43 & 32 of Central Electricity Authority (Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2010 for Approval of the Electrical Inspector for Energization(Other than Overhead Transmission Lines) FORM A
  • Periodical Inspection of Lifts
  • Grant of License For Working Of Passenger Lift
  • Approval of Installation of Passenger Lift, Lift Shaft, and Machine Room
  • Grant of License for Contractor under Section 12 of Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970
  • Grant of Registration of Establishment Employing Contract Labour under Section 7 of Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970
  • Application Form for Grant of Electrical Contractor’s License


  • Application for Marriage Assistance
  • Application for Death Benefits
  • The Application for Funeral Benefit
  • Form For Application for Maternity Assistance
  • Application for Pension


  • Modification in Address
  • Modification in Name
  • Issuance of New Connection
  • Bill payment of Energy Charges
  • Status Tracking of request/complaint
  • Modification in Category (low to high or high to low)
  • Load change (enhancement or reduction)


  • Load change (enhancement or reduction)
  • Modification in Name
  • Issuance of New Connection
  • Bill payment of Energy Charges
  • Status Tracking of request/complaint
  • Modification in Category (low to high or high to low)
  • Modification in Address


  • Bill payment of Energy Charges
  • Load change (enhancement or reduction
  • Issuance of New Connection
  • Modification in Category (low to high or high to low)
  • Modification in Address
  • Status Tracking of request/complain
  • Modification in Name


  • Issuance of New Connection
  • Mutation
  • Reopening
  • Application Tracking
  • Bill Payment


  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Change of Address
  • Duplicate Registration Certificate
  • Hypothecation Addition
  • Hypothecation Termination
  • Status Check

This is the All services of E-District Delhi, you take benefit of all these services after creat an E-district Delhi account.

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