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Form 15g Download – 15h Form Download pdf For PF


Form 15g Download and Form 15h Download if you want then you can download it from here and also you can know about Form 15h and PF Form 15g.

Both these forms indicate to the income tax department that your income is not high enough that the income tax department deducts tax from your fixed deposit income and income from other sources.

This is a self-declaration form Through this form 15h and 15g you are requesting the Income Tax Department not to deduct tax from your deposited income.

About these forms

form 15g download
Name of Form Form 15g and Form 15h
Form type Governmental
Department Income Tax
Why need to submit To get exemption from income tax.
Pages in form 15h Four Pages
Pages in form 15g Two Pages
Updated 23-09-2021
File Size Form 15g – 296kb and Form 15h – 24kb

Read this article till the end to know all the details of Form 15G and Form 15H. I hope that after reading this article you will get all the information about these forms.

Form 15g and Form 15h or PF Form 15g Details

First of all, I want to clear you something related to these forms 15g and 15h used for PF withdrawal and tax exemption on the interest of fixed deposits and recurring deposits.

If you are thinking that These forms are used only for PF withdrawal then it is not correct. These forms are also used for tax exemption of interest on FDs and RDs.


And you also need to know which form is for whom, there are two forms for tax exemption one is 15g and the other is 15h. So you must know which form is for whom.

So remember 15g is for people below 60 years of age and 15h form is for senior citizens who are above 60 years of age.

As I said both these forms are self-declaration forms with the help of which you are telling the income tax department that you are not in the taxpayers.

So your 10% TDS should refund if deduct. And should not be deducted from PF amount and from FD, RD interest, and other income sources.


When do you need to submit these Form 15g and Form 15h?

If you are confused that whether you have to submit this form or not then here I am clearing your thoughts.

The first thing I want to clarify is that if you are an employee and your PF amount is less than Rs.50000 then there is no need for you to submit this Form 15G.

If you are doing your job for less than 5 years and your PF is more than Rs 50000 then you have to fill this form 15g otherwise 10% tax will deduct from your PF or other sources.

And you have to submit these forms if you are getting interest from FD and RD and your income is not eligible for income tax.


So you have to submit this form to not deduct any tax from this interest of FD and RD. Otherwise, the tax will deduct from your interest from that FD and RD.

Remember that pension is not included in the income tax, so there is no need to plus pension amount along with FD and RD interest. Pension is tax-free.

Download These PF form 15g and Form 15h pdf

Here I have attached these forms in PDF format, you can download them from the given link.

Details Download Links
Form 15g Download Click Here
Form 15h Download Click Here
The Go Digital Zone Home Page
Download More PDF Click Here



Download more pdf –

People also ask for-

Where to submit Form 15g?

Form 15G has to be submitted to your bank where you have your PF and FD, RD.

Will everyone have to submit this form 15g and 15h?

No, this form is only for PF holders and who are earning income from FD and RD interest.

For whom does this Form 15g?

This form is only for people below 60 years of age.

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