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Gnetworld company doing scam with people many news comes out like this in front of people about and people asking to refund their money.

In this article, you will know all about the Gnet world company scam and the company, so read the article till the end.

Gnetworld company closed due to the compliance of peoples on 04/03/2019. Police freeze all bank accounts of this company.

What is Gnetworld or What is the G net Adworld?

Gnetworld is a multi-level marketing company and whose head office is in Kolkata city of West Bengal. That company runs offline. Click here to know more about the company product.


And the Gnet ad world company does a chain system business network of tour package and that company says that people will be able to earn millions from there by selling their tour package.

And the company says that they do the business of digital marketing, online shopping, mobile recharge API, Domestic money transfer API, customized portal development, online hotel booking, and online package tour booking.

So let’s know some inside work of that company.

Company Identification Number U74999WB2018PTC224285
Gnet Ad World Stablished on 12 Jan 2018
Head Office Kalikakhali, Plot No.273, West Bengal
Company register on 2017
Type of company Private Company
Company Email [email protected]
Toll-free number 1800-1031-565
Present status of this company Banned
Earning process Selling Tour Package
Total Customer 5 Lakh

gnetworld ad

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What is G net Ad world company business?

Now let’s talk about the Gtnetworld company’s business. The companies main focus is on selling their tour package to the people through the chain system business.

That means if you join that companies business plan then you can earn more money by joining other people to that company through your referral.

The company’s business plan is something like this – Rs. 6000/- plan, Rs. 12000/- plan, and Rs. 30000/- plan.

You can’t get their business plan on their website you have to collect their business plan from their agent.



People say that if someone joins their plan and creates an id, then they do not get any benefit. And to earn money, they have to sell companies’ business plans. You can find companies feedback on youtube and many police case is registered against that company.

People say that people should not get involved in this company.

How to register on Gnetworld corporate members?

If someone wishes to register and create an account on their portal then they can self-register through their website. I will tell you how you can register at the Gnetworld company.


Before you join that company you must know about that company and the companies’ public feedback. For company feedback, you can search on google or you can watch videos on youtube, where you can watch many videos related to Gnetworld corporate members.

To register and create an account you must contact this company agent. You can get their toll free number and email address on the companies website

How to get Gnetworld login?

If you are a Gnetworld corporate member then you can log in on the Gnetworld login portal to work and see PTC ads on their website.

To login on you must follow the instructions as follows –

  • First, enter the website
  • Now click on the login button on the right corner of this website.
  • Put your Gnetworld corporate member id number and password
  • now you can access your account on that website

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