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Birth Certificate Online Apply Assam 2022


Birth Certificate Assam Apply Online For Delayed Birth Registration in Assam, here is the application process for Birth Certificate Assam.

In this article, I wanna tell you how to get a delayed birth certificate in Assam. For delayed birth registration, you have to take permission from the administration of the Assam govt.

I have given full details about the Birth certificate application process here. Even, I am telling you here how do you can apply for a Birth Certificate in Assam.

Apply Online For Birth Certificate in Assam

If you are looking to apply online for the Birth Certificate in Assam then you can apply after reading this article easily. If you wanna apply online for a birth certificate it means you got late to take the birth certificate of your child.

birth certificate

Applying lately for a birth certificate means you have to take permission from the birth registrar of the Assam govt. That is why you can’t take your birth certificate from any hospital directly. To get the birth certificate you need to apply online for permission first then you can collect the birth certificates from government hospitals.

For a delayed birth certificate, you have to take permission from the administration department of the Assam Government for that you must apply through online mode on E-district Assam.

A late birth certificate online application means delayed birth certificate permission.

Moreover, you should know that you will not be given any birth certificate online, you will get a permission letter only from online application submission. And with help of this letter, you can take the birth certificate from any government hospital.


First, you should create an e-district ID through the Assam Government official website link mentioned below in the Important Links section. Click here to know about the e-district ID generated.

Birth Certificate Assam Documents Required

All documents must be uploaded to the online portal –

  1. Application Form
  2. Register Hospital Govt. / Pvt. Certificate regarding Birth or Age Proof ( any )
  3. School Certificate/Admit Card ( for age 6 and above ) or parent’s details.
  4. Affidavit
  5. Any other document.

Document collection for your child’s birth certificate-

  1. Application Form: download the application form from below mentioned links,
  2. Register Hospital Govt. / Pvt. Certificate: for the hospital certificate, you should collect the certificate form from your block/circle offices  Form No.1 birth report and Form No.10 Non-Availability Certificate.
  3. School details or Parent’s details: You can give a school certificate if your child is six years old otherwise you should give parents details like voter id, voter list, village headmen certificate, etc.
  4. Affidavit: For the affidavit, you can collect it from Court.
  5. Any other document: You can provide revenue receipt, legacy data, etc.

How To Apply Online For Birth Certificate In Assam?

To apply online for the Birth Certificate in Assam follow the instruction as follows. Apart from this, you will require an e-district ID then only you can apply for the birth certificate.


So firstly, create an E-district ID here.

  1. After creating an e-district id go to the e-forms Assam portal and click here.
  2. Then login with your e-district id credentials that you create recently.
  3. A dashboard will open.
  4. From the dashboard go to the e-forms section
  5. And select “PERMISSION FOR DELAYED BIRTH REGISTRATION” from the service options and click on the Go button.
  6. Then birth certificate online application will appear that you need to fill out carefully and correctly.
  7. And upload all documents as mentioned in the same application form.
  8. In the end, pay application fees of Rs. 30/-.
  9. Then an Acknowledgment receipt will generate.
  10. Print the Acknowledgment receipt for future references of your birth certificate application.

birth certificate Assam

This is the process of Birth Certificate application in the E-district portal of Assam.

What is a Delayed Birth Certificate in Assam?

Before telling you about the delayed birth certificates you should know about the birth certificate process in Assam. A birth certificate is the most important document for your child. For your newborn child, you have to take a birth certificate from Hospital.


If your child is born at the home then you have to go to a government hospital to collect your newborn child’s birth certificate by showing the doctor’s delivery card report within 21 days.

Delayed Birth Certificate: The delayed birth certificate is called who crosses the 21 days limitation for making a birth certificate for your child from the nearest hospital.

For the delayed birth certificate purpose, you have to take permission from the administration department government of Assam. After approving your permission you can take the birth certificate from any government hospital by showing Deputy Commissioner (DC)  permission.

Birth Certificate Check Online Assam

If you wanna check your existing birth certificate online in Assam then you can check only those birth certificate online which is given after applying online only.


If you wanna check your old birth certificate online then it is not possible. To check too old birth certificate you have to go to the district birth registrar.

I am telling you here the process of the Birth Certificate Check Online in Assam only about those certificates that have got the certificate after submitting an online application.

Check birth certificate online

  • Firstly, go to the e-district Assam portal.
  • Then you can see certificate check options on the left side of the page. As you can see in the image below.certificate check online assam
  • You need to enter your certificate number then you can see certificate details only.

Important Links For Birth Certificate Assam

Details Links
Download Application Form Click Here
E-district ID Click Here
Go Digital Zone Home Page



This is the full process of applying for a birth certificate in Assam on the E-district portal. Have any questions kindly ask in the comment box.

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