Samagra ID – Benefits, Key facts, Know and download your Samagra ID


Samagra ID – Benefits, Key facts, know and download your Samagra ID – In this article, we will discuss all the information related to Samagra ID.

All you need to know about Samagra ID is present in this article. In this article, we will discuss in detail the various key facts of this ID, the benefits, and the documents required to get a Samagra ID.

In fact, the whole process of obtaining a Samagra ID can be done online. So to know more about the whole process read the full article.

What is Samagra ID?

Samagra ID is a unique ID provided by the government of Madhya Pradesh to the permanent residents of the state.


It is an initiative taken by the state govt. to make the welfare schemes of the govt. available for the people in a more transparent and efficient way. It is a unique ID issued for each individual so the card number cannot be changed once it is issued.

Know more about government schemes related to Samagra.

What are the benefits of a Samagra ID?

The objective behind creating a Unique ID for each resident is to provide a variety of services under different govt. schemes to the residents. Special emphasis is given on BPL residents, senior citizens, women, children, and differently able persons.

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), Annapurna Scheme (Ration), and various other welfare schemes for women are available in the Samagra portal and can be availed by persons having an ID.


The benefits of having a Samagra ID are –

What are the documents required to get a Samagra ID?

The documents required to get a Samagra ID card are –

Key facts of Samagra ID

The Samagra ID can only be issued to persons who are permanent residents of Madhya Pradesh. The registration process is completely free and one can obtain the ID both online and offline.


The online process of obtaining the ID is discussed in detail in the latter part of this article. For the offline process, one has to visit the Panchayat Office where the card can be created by providing the necessary documents. The complete list of documents required has already been mentioned in topic 1.3.

Types of Samagra ID

There are two types of ID –
1. Samagra Family card: – It is an 8-digit unique number issued against each family.
2. Member ID: – It is a 9-digit unique ID issued to individuals whose family has been already issued a Family ID.

How to know your Samagra ID?

The various ways to know your ID are-

How to make a new Samagra ID card?

To create a new ID you have to visit its official website which is mentioned below and first, you have to register your family.


So let’s know how to make a new ID –

  1. At first, click on this link to create a new card.
  2. For your family, click on the register for the new card just shown in the photo below.
  3. Now fill in the Address related details.
  4. Fill in the details of the Family Head.
  5. Upload document. The size of the document must be less than 600kb.
  6. Add members of the family.
  7. Click on Register Application. Your registration process is completed.
  8. Now you have to verify your mobile number through OTP for that click on click here to verify OTP.
  9. A new page will be opened where you have entered your OTP which you will get on your registered mobile number. Enter OTP, fill the captcha, and at last click on CONFIRM YOUR REQUEST.
  10. After that, you can get your request id by clicking on the search by mobile number option.

How to download SAMAGRA ID?

Once your Family ID is issued you can print or download your card by visiting the website by entering the card number.

How to add a new family member to Samagra id?

If your family already has a card, but you want to add a new member name to this card. Then you must follow the instructions below –

As you know if you want to add a name and changes to the card, then you will need a mobile number.


So let’s know how to add a new family member’s name on ID.

  1. First of all, go to the official website.
  2. Click on Register member in the Citizen Samagra Service section.
  3. Now enter your id number in two fields.
  4. Fill in the captcha code and click on get family details.
  5. After that, you can see your added family details on that page.
  6. Now you have to just click on add new member.
  7. A page will be open where you have entered all the details of the new member of the family which you want to add to the card.
  8. At the end click on add member in the family.
  9. Now you will receive an OTP which you to enter on the page.
  10. Now your family member a added completed.

What details can be updated on the Samagra ID card?

If your family has an already Card. And there are some mistakes that you want to correct. So let’s know what type of information you can correct in the ID.

You can update all these issues online from your home.

Frequently asked questions about SAMAGRA

How to check Samagra ID?

You can check your Samagra ID using a mobile number, Aadhaar number, bank account, school details.

How to add a new name to Samagra id?

Existing Samagra cardholders can add their new members using their ID number and mobile number.

How to print Samagra id?

Go to the Samagra portal and click on print Samagra from the Citizen Service section. And enter your ID number after which you will print the card.

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