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Jio Tower – Jio Tower Installation Apply Online Form

Jio tower – Now the Jio tower installation process has become easy, you can apply using online form complete details of the Jio tower.
If you want to install the Jio tower in your land or plot or in your building then now you can apply for it through an online form there is no fraud potential in it.
In this article, I have talked about here complete details about Jio tower installation and related questions and its solutions. If you want to install Jio tower without being a victim of fraud, then definitely read this article once.

Jio Tower

As you know how popular the Jio telecom is in India and you also know that the Jio is giving its service to the customer at an affordable cost.

For that customers are also happy using the Jio telecom’s service and for the Jio’s services also people are joining Jio more and more.

Due to having more subscribers, the customer is facing the problem of Jio’s network. And to solve this problem, Jio company has started the work of installing more and more Jio towers all over India.

So at this time the Jio company is looking for land or plot or is also looking for a building to set up the Jio tower. If you want to install the Jio tower in your land or any building then you can apply online for it. I have discussed it in the below section.

jio tower installation

Jio Tower Installation Process

Now you will know that how you can install the Jio tower in your land or plot or your building. For this, you have to complete a simple process.

Before apply online for the Jio tower you must know few facts about the Jio tower installation. Like whether you have to pay any fee or not, what kind of documents you will need, and what are the terms and conditions for installing the Jio tower on your land, etc.

So before you apply for a tower online, I suggest you read the complete article once otherwise you may face some problems related to it.

Jio Tower Installation Eligibility

To install a Jio tower, you must have something that is necessary to install the tower. One of the criteria that you need to have in order to set up a tower on your land.

  • If you want to install a tower on the land, then the size of your land should be 500 sq ft to 2000 sq ft.
  • There should be no objection to not installing the tower on the land or building where you are getting the tower installed.
  • You must have your own land/plot or building.
  • You will have to obtain a No Objection Certificate from the concerned civic body.

These are the terms and conditions that you have to fulfill then you can install the tower.

What documents are required to install the Jio Tower?

After fulfilling the terms and conditions, you will also have to submit certain documents while getting your land or building verified for setting up the tower.

Below Listed are the documents required to install the tower –

  1. Details or documents of ownership of land or building.
  2. As proof of identity, you will need an Aadhar card or Voter ID, etc.
  3. Land or building documents.
  4. Bank Passbook.
  5. Colored Passport Size Photograph.
  6. NOC (No Objection certificate).

When the verification of your land and building will be done, then these documents have to be submitted. A physical verification will be done by the company.


There is no need to submit these documents on the online application process. The above-mentioned documents will be taken from you at the time of physical verification.

Jio tower installation apply online – Jio tower apply online form

Now you will know how you can apply for a tower in a jiffy. You will not need to go anywhere you can submit this online form from your mobile phone.

I hope you have read the above information if you have not read then I recommend you to read it. So let’s know how to apply for a tower online –

You can apply for the Jio tower online in two ways one with the help of my Jio app and the other from the Jio official website.


I am giving information here that how you can apply using the My Jio app. But the process is similar with both the methods, you have to go through the same steps.

  • If you are a subscriber of the Jio then I hope you have already installed my Jio app, if not then install it from the play store then open the app.
  • Now search “Partner with Jio” from the search option on the My Jio app.partner with jio
  • Now click on Partner with Jio.
  • After that, a new page will open where you have to select your land/plot or building and then click on Proceed button.select your land
  • Now a new page will open where you have to provide your location or pin code and then click on the Next button.provide location or pincode
  • On the new page provide your information like address, property owner name, etc. then click on the Next button.property details
  • On the next page provide your land details and click on the Confirm button.land details
  • Now your online application process is complete, a successful page will appear where you will get the application number.complete jio tower application

Your application has now been submitted. Now you have to wait for an official call from the Jio team. After calling your property will be physically verified. But keep one thing in mind that no money will be demanded from the Jio team.

Jio Tower Rent in Village or for Urban’s

People want to build towers on their land because after installing the towers, the landlord is hired by the company to install the towers.

As you are reading this article it means that you also want to install a tower on your land. So the details of how much Jio pays for the land rent are given below.


As you know that you can earn from 20000 to 30000 in a month by installing a tower in a village. But it depends on the land area and also depends on your local area. So it cannot be clarified how much rent you will get in a month.

And you can earn money from 35000 to 50000 rupees in a month by installing a tower in the urban area. It also depends on your area, where you are living and how big is your city.

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People also ask about Jio Tower-


How much does Jio charge for installing a tower?

Jio does not charge any money for setting up towers on your land.

How much can I earn in a month by installing the Jio tower?

You can earn from 20000 to 30000 in a month by installing towers in rural areas. And in an urban area, you can earn from 35000 to 50000 in a month.

Does Jio call you to install towers on your land first?

Jio team will call you like never before to install the Jio tower. They call only those who applied for a tower online through the official website of Jio.

Under what conditions can you install the tower?

If you have your own land and there is no objection to installing a tower then you can get the tower installed.

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