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Labour Card Bihar – Labour Card Bihar Online Apply (BOCW)


Labour card Bihar applies and the benefit of it, to know the complete information, read this article till the end. We have given all information related to the labour card Bihar online apply.

If you are a worker and you want to make a labour card, then this information is for you. In this information, we have given complete guidance about making Bihar Labour Card. If you have this information, you can apply for the Mazdoor Sramik Card yourself.

What is the labour card Bihar?

The Shramik Card is a card given by the government to the labourers of Bihar. Due to which only labourers will get the benefit of all labour schemes.

Bihar government is giving this labour card only to the labour of Bihar. We have provided all the information related to this. Such as how you will apply, what will be its process and its benefits.

labour card bihar online

If you are a worker, then you will get annual financial assistance from the government of Bihar in your bank account. To make this card, the Bihar government has given two ways for the public.

One is online, and another is offline. The public can submit their application both online and offline. Let’s know what the benefit of labour card Bihar for Mazdoor is.

Bihar related all Scheme and Information.

Labour Card Benefits in Bihar

You may have heard about the labour card, but you will not know about the benefits of this. Here we have given all the benefits of the Bihar Sramik Card. You can know about it from here. If you make a labour card, then you will also get all these benefits.

  1. 2000 thousand rupees for home repair
  2. 3500 rupees for buying a bicycle
  3. 15000 rupees for buying tools
  4. The benefit of death is like this, Rs.2 lakhs for simple death and Rs.400000 lakhs for accidental death.
  5. Financial assistance for cremation Rs 5000
  6. Maternity benefit
  7. Financial support up to 50000 for marriage
  8. Pension
  9. Family pension
  10. cash reward
  11. Educational aid
  12. medical help
  13. Etc.

You will get all these benefits by having a Bihar government labour card. Labour’s money is sent directly to his bank account. Let’s know who can apply for this card.

Who can apply for labour card in Bihar?

We have discussed who can able to apply for Bihar’s labor card. If you want to apply for the Bihar labor card online, then you must have the eligibility given below.

Keep one thing in mind that only workers will get this card. If you are in the type of labour given below, then you can apply for Shramik Card; otherwise, you will not get Shramik Card in Bihar.

  • Whose age is between 18 years and60 years.
  • Who is an Indian citizen.
  • And which is the permanent citizen of Bihar

And you also have to labour like the list below –

  • Unskilled workers engaged in construction.
  • Raj Mistri
  • Raj Mistri helper
  • A worker engaged in the road, bridge dam construction
  • The carpenter
  • Blacksmith
  • The painter
  • Rolling driver
  • Electrician engaged in construction.
  • Floor / Tile Mechanical Helper
  • Center mechanics
  • Gate grill welding mechanic
  • A worker engaged in concrete mixing
  • Women Construction Worker-Reza
  • A worker engaged in running modern construction equipment
  • The watchman is on the construction site
  • Plumber / fitter
  • Workers engaged in crushing stone making bricks
  • A temporary skilled worker is attached
  • MGNREGA Workers

All these workers can apply for Bihar Labor Card. This card is given only after being verified. If you are a worker, then you will get this card.

And you must have proof that you can prove that you are a worker. For this, the government has said that there should be a minimum certificate of working of the worker for 90 days, which will be signed by the owner.

We have told its application process; for this, you will be able to apply both online and offline.

What documents are required for Bihar Labor Card?

To apply for the Labor Card Bihar, you have to provide the following documents. Let’s know what kind of materials are needed for the Bihar Labor Card application –

  1. Two passport size photo of the applicant
  2. Proof of identity
  3. Age certificate
  4. Aadhar Card
  5. Proof of 90 days of work done by the employer
  6. Pan Card
  7. Treasury Challan / Bank Account

All these documents will have to be with the applicant; only after that, the applicant will be able to apply. Now know how these workers apply for the card.

How to apply for the labor card in Bihar?

There are two ways to apply for a Labor card. One is to fill an online form, and the other is to submit the offline form. We have talked about this two ways. In these two ways, you will know how to apply for a labor card in Bihar.

How to apply for labour card in Bihar online?

If you live in Bihar, you can fill the online form for Shramik Card. Its process is that you should have all the documents mentioned above and eligibility. After that, taking all these documents, you have to go to the nearest CSC center.

csc login bihar labour card


In Bihar, the online labor card is applied only through the CSC center. And not all people can apply for it online. If you want to open your CSC center for free, then read this article.

This is the process of applying online for the Bihar Shramik Card. And now, know how you will be able to apply for Bihar Sramik Card offline. If you apply online, then you can check the application status online what we have described below.

How to apply for the labour card Bihar offline?

Now to apply for Shramik Card offline in Bihar, you must first take the application form of this card. You can get the form from your nearest block office, and you can also download it from below.

We have given below link to the labor card application form pdf, from where you will be able to download the form of the labor card.


To apply for an online labor card in Bihar, you must follow the steps –

  • First, you download and print the form.
  • After that, fill the form correctly; don’t mistake it.
  • Fill in your name, address, your family details.
  • And attach all the documents that we mentioned above with all the forms.
  • After that, you go and submit this form to your block office.
  • You can also submit this form to your district labor office.
  • After this, an acknowledgment receipt will be given.
  • For field verify, the field officer will come to you and give them the answer correctly.
  • After a few days, your labor card will be made.

Labour card Bihar application form pdf labour card Bihar application form

This is the way to apply for labor card in Bihar. If you do not have any questions, then comment below and ask.

How to check labour card application status in Bihar?

If you apply online for a labor card, then you can also check online to know its status. For this, follow the steps given below –labour card bihar status check online

  • First of all, you have to go to the labor department page of Bihar; click here for that.
  • After that, you will see an option of view registration, click on it.
  • Now another new page will open where your mobile number and your Aadhaar number are filled.
  • After that click on the show button, now you will be able to see the status of your Bihar labor card application.
  • If your labor card is approved, then you will be able to see it.
  • If you reject your application for any reason, you can see it there.sramik card check status

So this is all information about the Bihar labor card. If you like this article, then definitely share it with your friends so that many more will know about it.

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