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Linux Commands PDF Download- Linux commands List


Linux Commands PDF download link has been added with Linux commands List and Linux Basic Commands PDF. Download Basic Commands in Linux.

If you are looking for Linux Command List PDF then you can download them from the download link given below. I have collected some basic commands in Linux.

If you are a beginner to Linux and a student of information security then these commands will help you to operate Linux operating system. We have prepared a Linux command list for you.

Linux commands List PDF preview –


How to download Linux Basic Commands List PDF?

We have prepared a pdf file of the Linux basic commands list which you can download from the bow given download section. You can find the basic commands on that file.

To download the Commands PDF you need to click on the download button which mentioned in the below download section.

Linux Commands PDF Details

Filename Linux Commands
Type Commands
Commands level Basic
Format PDF
Published 25/02/2022


Linux commands List

Linux commands List you can see in the photo or you can download the pdf file from the below download links.

linux commands list

Basic Commands in Linux

  • iconfig – to check is able to communicate or not,
  • clear – to clear all the commands you need to just type the command.
  • apt-get update -to update your system
  • apt-get upgrade – to upgrade all the packages. You can put these commands at once just by adding &&.
  • uname – to find the ur name.
  • uname-r – to find the version name and “- r” is for recursive.
  • uname – a – “-a” means all the related of it.
  • history – to find the commands that you fired recently.
  • ls – to list directories. from ls, you can know which directory are you in now.
  • cd – is for the catch directory or changing the current work directory.
  • cd Desktop – To get to the desktop from the root directory, you have to type.
  • touch – to create a file this command gets used. To create a file just type touch space filename.
  • touch test.txt – to create a text file and here test is the file name.
  • rm – to delete a file or something else.
  • mkdir – to make a directory or folder. To create a directory just type mkdir space filename.
  • rmdir – to remove or delete a directory. to remove jut type rmdir space directory name.
  • man ls – to open manual.
  • cp – for copying any file. To copy just type cp space filename and type location without space like home (cp test /home/).

More commands can see in the pdfs.


Linux basic commands list PDF

Here is the preview of the Linux basic commands list you can see or download it from the below section.

Linux Commands PDF Download

If you are looking to download the Linux Commands list pdf files then you can download the file from the below links.

We have added two types of commands files you can download both of them to practice the commands. Download the files from the table.

Details Links
Linux Commands Download here
Linux Basic Commands list Download here


Important points need to know to use Linux Commands

  • /# is written in your terminal means you are in the user’s directory.
  • ~# means you are in the root directory.
  • ctrl+c stops the current command.
  • ctrl+z stops the current command and is used to force stop it.

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