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Movies4u – Download HD Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian Movies Facts


Movies4u is a movie website Movies4u.hair allows you to download Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Indian HD moves for free.

Movies4u.hair is one of the popular Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Indian movie-downloading websites that upload movies in HD quality. But before downloading movies from there I recommend you to read this article once because you need to know something about that website before downloading movies from there. Such as – Is it legal to download movies from Movies4u? What if you download movies online from there? What are the consequences of downloading movies from that website? Is it legal to download movies from there? No! Never. Do you want to know why? Then read this article till the end.

Movies4u.apk has a huge collection of newly released HD movies that you can download and watch online for free. The downloading options of that website are very easy and friendly but it comes under movie piracy. Apart from this, in the name of movie downloading they redirect you to a spammy and hacking website from where you may get trapped.

Bollywood Movies Download for free on Movies4u.hair

Bollywood movies are available on Movies4u.hair for free download in full HD. If you want to download new Bollywood movies from that website then you can download them from there. But there is an issue with downloading movies from there that is downloading movies from there means committing movie piracy crime. So before downloading Bollywood movies from there you should know about movie piracy and that website first which are detailed below.


However, People are downloading movies unknowingly and that is why that website is so much popular among people. But I recommend you read the article and make yourself aware of movie piracy.

South Indian Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio Movies for free Download on Movies4u.apk

South Indin Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD movies download is going on Movies4u.hair for free of cost. That website uploads all types of south Indian movies in Hindi dubbed in full HD therefore you can find all types of South movies there. To download South Indian Hindi movies you have to choose the South Indian Hindi movie category from the website.

But whatever south Indian movies are there all are pirated copies which downloading is not legit. It is downloading from there means violating the copyright act of 1957. So I suggest you stay away from downloading south Indian movies from that website. And watch movies legally in the below-explained way.

Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies for free Download on Movies4u.hub

Movies4u.hub is also known as popular Hollywood Hindi Dubbed movies downloading website that allows you to download movies. There is a huge collection of Hollywood Hindi Movies that you can download for free. But If you looking to download movies from there then if got caught you will be punished by the judicial court. Because that website comes under movie piracy websites.


Therefore, do not download a Hollywood Hindi Movie this way and go with a legal way. I have prepared a legal movie portal for you in the below-given section and there explained how you can watch a Hollywood Hindi movie for free.

New Telugu Movies on Movies4u lol for free download in full HD

If you are looking to download new Telugu Movies from the Movies4u.hub movie website then you came to the right place. I have explained over here why you should stay away from downloading movies from that website. That website often uploads Telugu movies in HD quality and people can download them easily but there is a hidden fact.

Movies4u.hub shares movies illegally and which is illegal and who will download them they are also considered criminals. Therefore, always watch movies legally.

Movies4u HD Movies Download

Movies4u uploads full Hd movies for free download in 480p, 720p, and 1080p resolutions. They offer users the ability to download HD movies in different formats and resolutions, so you can watch them on any device you want. Apart from this, that website also lets users choose the quality of their video, so they can save more space and time on their devices.


That website allows users to download movies from there in multiple HD formats such as HEVC, HC, HD-Rip, Blueray, MKV, DVD-RIp, etc.

What is Movies4u?

Movies4u is a movie downloading and streaming website that often leaks movies illegally on its website. That website comes under torrent movie website and provides its users to download movies free of cost. Users can download movies in multiple formats and resolutions from there with the original print of any moves. That is an Indian movie website hence they upload India-released movies most. That website contains multiple movie categories and almost uploads all regional movies of India.

If you are looking to download movies from there then you have to know some facts about that website these are explained in the below-given sections.

Movies4u Overview

Website nameMovies4u
CategoryMovie Website
TypeTorrent movie website
UseDownloading and Transferring
LanguageHindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi
ProvidesBollywood, Hollywood, South Indian, Tamil, Telugu, and Punjabi Movies
Movies FormatsHD, DH-RIp, HEVC, WEB-DL, Blueray, Mp4, HD-Cam, etc.

How does Movies4u work?

To know about Movies4u you have to know how that movie is work, which I have explained in this section. As you know that is a movie website and they upload movies and videos on its website but do you know they upload all these movies by stealing from somewhere? If don’t then I telling you here all these movies they steal from other sites using some software and record movies from movie theaters. Then they upload them to their website for free download.


In between this, Movies4u earns money from visitors who visit their website and go to download a movie by displaying ads. Apart from this, all these movies they store on third-party clouds and make links to that movies are from their main website. In this way, that website is running and earning.

What types of movies are uploading Movies4u.apk?

Movies4u is a movie website therefore they upload movies and series on its website. I have listed what types of movies you can find there and in which formats and resolutions.

Movies category

  • Bollywood
  • Hollywood
  • South Indian Hindi Movies
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Punjabi
  • Marathi
  • Malayalam
  • Dual Audio
  • TV Shows
  • WEB Series
  • English Movies
  • Unofficial Dubbed Movies


  • Action
  • Romance
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Biography
  • Animation
  • Fiction
  • Sci-Fi
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • War
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Documentary
  • Family
  • History
  • Mystery
  • Sport
  • Music
  • Western
  • WAR
  • Slasher

Quality of Movies –

  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • 300MB Movies
  • 700MB Movies
  • 1.2GB Movies

Formats –

  • HEVC
  • DVD-Rip
  • HD-Rip
  • Blueray
  • WEB-DL
  • HC
  • WEB-Rip

What is movie piracy and the connection between Movies4u?

To know about Movies4u in detail you have to know what movie piracy is and the connection between that website. First of all, let’s know what movie piracy is.

Movie piracy means – Where a man steals a movie from somewhere and uses that in his business to earn money. And earn rent from the same movies, sharing movies on social media and on the internet, downloading and transferring movies to each other, watching movies in a group, and making duplicate copies, all come under movie piracy.


As you can see in the above paragraph that Movies4u has some similarities and that is why it is considered movie piracy.

Is Movies4u a piracy movie website?

Movies4u is a movie piracy website so let’s know how is it called a movie piracy website. First of all, I want to tell you that whatever movies are there all are pirated as you came to know from the above section.

A movie is copyrighted material and no one can share it publically and no one can make this available on the internet. But that website does, that is why it is considered a movie piracy website. Apart from this, that website is known as a torrent movie website too.

Is it illegal to download movies from Movies4u?

In this section, we will explain about downloading movies from Movies4u is legal or not. First of all, downloading movies offline is not legal in any portal whether it legal or illegal. Some legal movie portals like Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video is not allowed you to download the movie to your file manager. Downloading movies to the storage of your device comes under movie piracy.


And Movies4u is the origin of a movie piracy website and laws say accompanying piracy websites are too criminal. And downloading movies from there means accompanying that website, downloading movies from there means encouraging them to commit movie piracy crimes. Therefore, downloading movies from that website is not legit and it is considered movie piracy.

What if you download movies online from Movies4u?

This is a very important section for those who are downloading movies from Movies4u.apk and want to download movies from there. Because movie piracy is a punishable offense whoever commits will be punished. So downloading movies from there is a punishable offense and it is against the copyright act of 1957.

Therefore if download any movie from Movies4u.hair you will be considered a criminal of movie piracy. And you will be punished if got caught. As a punishment, you will have to pay Rs 300000 lakh and 3 years of Jail.

Why is Movies4u harmful to you?

Frind Movies4u is very harmful to you and I never recommend you download and watch movies from that website. However, that website provides you with newly released movies for free but that website is not reliable. Because that website is a torrent website and displays third-party ads on its website which are awful and not trustworthy.


Movies4u‘s ads redirect you to hackers’ and spammers’ websites from there your website can be hacked. apart from this, viruses and malware enter your devices while visiting that website. Even, your google drive storage will be exhausted and the third-party cloud can store movies on your drive for download.

Why is Movies4u banned?

Movies4u movie website is banned in India and worldwide by DMCA due to movie piracy and copyright issues. If you do not know why its domain gets changed frequently then I am telling you here that due to the ban on their website DMCA banned their website.

Movie piracy is a punishable offense and because of this filmmakers have to suffer a lot in movie box office collections. And that website is doing the same which is why the government blocked that website and DMCA banned that website worldwide.

How to watch movies for free legally instead of Movies4u?

If you want to watch movies legally for free instead of the Movies4u movie website then you can watch them. There are many free movie portals that allow you to watch movies online for free from their websites and portals. I have attached a list below from there you can watch India-released movies for free.


Best Legal Alternative of Movies4u

If you want to watch any newly released movies then also you can watch them online but you have to pay a small fee for that. I have collected some best OTT platforms that always released movies on its portal.

To watch movies you can download its android which is available to download on google play store and apple store.

  • Netflix
  • Hotstar plus Disney
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Zee5
  • SonyLiv

Movies4u Alternative


Best Youtube Movie Channel List to Watch movies for free

There are many movie channels on youtube that often uploads new HD movies in Hindi. Below has given a list of genuine and official movie channels.

  • Goldmines Telefilms
  • Goldmines
  • Ad-Wise Media Action Movie
  • Plex Aditya Movies
  • WAMIndia
  • Movies As Multiplex
  • RKD Filmplex
  • Latest Cinema
  • Best Hindi Movies
  • Primetime Action Movies
  • Pen TV (for Bollywood movies only)
  • Ultra Movie Parlour
  • Shemaroo Movies (Bollywood only)
  • Premium Digiplex Movies
  • Venus movies

Movies4u New Links – New Domains

If you are looking for Movies4u new links and new domain names then I have listed them below you can see and use.


Movies4u proxy

If you are looking for Movies4u proxy sites then I have listed below the best proxy sites for that website. If you do not know what proxy is, I am telling you in short that proxy hides your IP address and provides you access to a blocked website. Proxy works as a mediator and you can use them to unblock a blocked website.

  • https://hidester.com/proxy/
  • https://www.proxysite.com/
  • https://hide.me/en/proxy
  • https://www.hidemyass.com/en-in/proxy
  • https://freeproxy.win/
  • https://proxyscrape.com/web-proxy
  • https://kproxy.com/
  • https://www.proxy-urls.com/

Movies4u Apk Download

Movies4u apk is not ready for download because that website is not developed for its android app. If you want to download its android app then you need to wait a few more times. There is a surety that they will never develop an app because they change their website addresses frequently so it is not possible to update an app frequently. But some third-party websites are providing App download links.

App nameMovies4u Apk
App Version1.0 and above
Size4.07 MB
Operating systemAndroid

Discliamer: We the godigitalzone.in do not support movie piracy and such activities. We aimed to spread awareness about movie piracy crime and its consequences through our website. This article has been written only for educational purposes. We have not added any movie download links to this site. We always suggest watching movies legally from movie theatres and OTTS only.

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Is Movies4u blocked?

Yes, the Indian government blocked that website to prevent movie piracy.

How to unblock Movies4u?

To unblock that website you can use a proxy and VPN.

How to download movies from Movies4u?

To download movies you have to scroll down the page and click on the download button to generate the final download link then after you can download the movie.

Is it illegal to download movies from that website?

Yes, it is.

Can I download HD movies from Movies4u?

Yes, you can download HD movies for free from that website.

Is Movies4u ask for registration to download movies?


Who can download movies from Movies4u?

Anyone can download movies from that website.


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