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NPS Form S2 PDF- Annexure S2 Form Download


NPS Form S2 – Download the S2 form in PDF format and with the Annexure S2 form, you can make changes in NPS Data.

If you are a government employee then this annexure s2 form is all you need to make changes in your NPS data.

So if you are looking for the S2 Form in PDF then you can download it from the bottom of the page. But before that, I can clarify something related to that form so I suggest you read this article once.

I hope that after reading this article you will be very clear about that form and you will be able to know a lot about that form.

nps form s2
Form name Annexure S2 (NPS S2 Form)
Type Governmental
Format PDF
Size 1.05 MB
Pages 6 pages
Being used for NPS Data Correction

Why NPS S2 Form is required?

I know you are looking for an NPS S2 form and before downloading that form you must know something about that form otherwise you may face some problems in the future.

First of all, I want to tell you why this form is being used in NPS. So if you are a government employee then you must have an account in the NPS scheme.

Hence that form is used to make changes in NPS data on NPS. If you want to change something in NPS then you will need that form.


You might think that I can change data online but that’s not true. You can only change certain things online. And if you are a government employee then you have to work with NPS offline, remember.

This form is used to change many things on NPS which I have clarified in few points below.

What can you do with NPS s2 form in NPS?

As I told you above, the NPS Annexure S2 form is required to make changes in your NPS data. So here I added some info on what things you can change with that form.

Given the below things, you can make changes in NPS data using that form. If you want to change them refer to the below points which can be changed using the Annexure S2 form.

  1. Name change
  2. Parents name change
  3. DOB Change
  4. Marital status change
  5. Mobile number and email address change.
  6. Address details update
  7. Nominee details update
  8. Account type change
  9. Reissue I-PIN and T-PIN
  10. Request for a PRAN card
  11. Bank details
  12. Annual income change

How to fill NPS S2 form?

Instructions for filling the Annexure s2 form read it at the points given below. While filling the form you have to remember one thing that you only have to fill in your new details in that form.

  • Only new details you have to fill in if you want to update if not changed the details then fill the same as before.
  • Do not overwrite
  • Fill that form section-wise there are three sections on that form. Section A for master details correction, Section B is for T-PIN and I-PIN change and, Section C is requesting for reissue of PRAN card.
  • The first option you have to leave is as shown in the photo below.
    NPS s2 form filling
  • Now out of three options give a tick mark if you want to make changes in master details then tick it or select other.
  • Now fill step by step the details for more instructions read the instructions page from the file.

Download NPS S2 Form PDF

All the links are given below download your one from the link.

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