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NPS Form S5 – Download Annexure S5 Form PDF


NPS Form S5 – Annexure S5 form DDO covering letter for subscriber registration application which called also as annexure s5 form.

If you are looking for an annexure s5 subscriber registration application form then you can download it from the bottom of the page. But before downloading the form you should know something about that form.

Covering letter for subscriber registration application form annexure s5 about elaborated below. Here are the details about that form.

Form name Annexure S5
Type Governmental
Size 31 KB
Pages 1 page
Format PDF
Purpose For Pran Allotment


Covering Letter NPS Form S5

In this section, we will explain to you about the NPS S5 form. So if you are a government employee then you will need a PRAN card.

A PRAN card, you will get when you become an NPS registered subscriber. If you are a service holder then that card is necessary.

And for that card, DDO will send the s5 form to the uploading office to generate the PRAN card. And the Uploading Office after verifying details they forward it to the CRA to generate the PRAN card.


I would like to clarify to you that this Covering Letter for Subscriber Registration Application Form is filled by DDO.

DDO checks which subscriber’s PRAN has not been created and then DDO sends this form to CRA by uploading office.

NPS Annexure S5 Form Download

Annexure s5 form DDO covering letter or NPS covering letter annexure s5 is filled when the applicant fills the subscriber registration form and submits it to the DDO. After that, after verifying, fill this form DDO and send it to issue PRAN card.

annexure s5 for NPS


So here below is the download link of this form, which you can download by clicking on download.

Details Links
Annexure S5 Download
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Why is DDO a covering letter for NPS?

DDO Covering Letter is for issuing a new PRAN card.

Who fills the NPS Form Annexure S5?

It is filled by the DDO for issuance of PRAN card and sent to the CRA through POA.

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