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NPS Shifting Form ISS Version 1.4 & 1.5 PDF and Sample


NPS Shifting Form – If your job sector or state has changed then you have to fill NPS Form ISS 1 download it from the below link.

There are two types of NPS accounts for government employees, one at the state level and the other at the central level.

So if your job is shifted from one state to another and you change your job to another sector then you have to shift your NPS account.

To transfer your NPS account from one to another you need to fill this NPS Form ISS 1 whose details are given below.

nps shifting form
Form name Form ISS
Type Governmental
Size 415 and 417 KB
Pages 7 each
Format PDF
Purpose Shift Account

Form ISS-1 NPS Shifting Form

Through this section, something will be clarified about NPS Shifting Form, so read this article once before downloading that form.

As you want to download that form that means you already know about this form. But further, I am telling you something and clarifying something which can be beneficial for you.


You have to fill that form in capital letters and do not do any overwriting. And also You have to fill that form in black ink only.

After filling that form you have to submit this form to the target nodal officer or POP. This form is also called an inter-sector shifting form.

When do you need to fill NPS Form ISS?

If you work under the state government and your job location has changed i.e. have to move to another state, then in that situation you will have to shift your NPS account to another state.

And if you are joining from one sector to another, that too in another state then you will have to get your NPS account shifted through this form.


And if your job is upgraded from state to central government job then you have to fill this form ISS.

One thing that you must remember is that there is no need to fill this form if your job location has changed within the state. All you need to do is inform the NPS department that your job location has changed to some other location within the state.

And even if your central government job is shifted to another state then you don’t need to fill that form, you must inform the department.

NPS subscriber shifting form sample

NPS subscriber shifting form sample given in JPEJ format you can download its PDf from the below links.


form iss

Page two has as follows –

form iss 1

Download NPS Form ISS 1

Download the NPS shifting form from the below-given links and also you can download more NPS-related forms from the below-given links.

Details Links
NPS shifting form version 1.4 Download
NPS shifting form version 1.3 Download
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Where to download NPS Shifting Form ISS?

You can download NPS Form ISS from this website and also from the CRA website.

Can I create two accounts in NPS without shifting?

No, you cannot if you are shifting to another state then you need to fill ISS form to shift the NPS account also, and only one account for one person.

Can I transfer my NPS account online?

No, you have to submit form ISS offline.

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