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Pan Card Correction Form PDF – Download Pan Changes Form


Pan Card Correction Form PDF download to reprint an existing pan card or correction in PAN card then download the pan correction form.

To make changes to your pan card you have to fill the Pan card correction form. Which you can download from the bottom of the page.

Changes in personal details in pan card such as name, father name, date of birth you have to fill the pan card reprint or changes or correction form.

Form details –

Form name PAN Correction Form
Form type Income tax
Size 381 KB
Format PDF
Pages 7 pages (instructions included)
Purpose Make changes in PAN card
Official website https://www.incometaxindia.gov.in/




What is a PAN card correction or reprint form?

Pan Card Correction Form in PDF format available whose provided at bottom of this page. The full form of PAN card is Permanent Account Number which is given by the Income Tax Department of India. And with the help of which the Income Tax Department collects tax from the people.


And in the finance sector, a PAN card is required, as if you want to open an account in the bank, then you will also have to submit the PAN card along with other documents.

Accordingly, the PAN card is an important document for the people. And many times the personal details on the PAN card of the people are wrong and there is a dire need to correct them.

Apart from this, a reprint of the PAN card also has to be done. And to rectify all the things, a PAN card correction form is required.

And through this PAN card correction form, you can correct your name, your father’s name, and your date of birth in your PAN card. Also, you can get your PAN card reprinted in case you lose or break it.


Where to submit the PAN card correction form?

Almost everyone needs this form of PAN card to make corrections to the PAN card. And the forms are available to everyone, but in the process of correcting the PAN card, they give a lot of money to the broker when its original cost is Rs 107.

So you have to submit the form at the right place then you can save your extra money from brokers.

You can submit any form of PAN card online. And you can submit this form also on online by visiting its official websites such as NSDL and UTI.

Apart from this, if you do not want to take any more trouble, then you can submit it by visiting the PAN card center where you will not charge extra.


To find the nearest pan card center click here and search center by selecting your state and district.

Also, you can pan center by Google Maps.

What documents do you need to submit along with the PAN correction form?

Which document has to be submitted along with the PAN correction form, depends on the mistake made in your PAN card.

For example, if there is a mistake in your name and father’s name, then you have to give the correct identity proof. And if there is a mistake in the date of birth, then you will have to submit the age proof.


Below is the list of documents to be accepted on the PAN card as identity proof, and age proof.

As identity proof, you can choose anyone from the below list –

  • Aadhaar
  • Voter ID
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Govt. photo identity proof.
  • Gazetted officials certified copy.

As age proof –

  • Birth certificate
  • Aadhaar card
  • Driving license
  • Voter ID
  • Notary affidavit
  • Domicile certificate
  • Matriculation board certificate

Address proof is not mentioned here because the address is not printed on the PAN card, so people do not need to correct their address. If you want to change your address on your PAN card then you have to submit an address proof.


How to fill pan card correction form?

There are a few points you must remember to fill the PAN card correction form otherwise your PAN card may get rejected.

  • Firstly, you have to fill the form in black ink only.
  • Secondly, you have to fill the form in capital letters only.
  • Complete sign within the given box.

Now let’s know the filling process –

  • Fill the form as given fields and with correct information only.
  • Give tick mark which details you to have to correct from the left side.
  • You can tick only three fields that means you can correct three options at a time.
  • You have no need to fill every field.

If you are confused about filling out this form, you can read the instructions included with the correction form PDF file.

PAN Card Correction Form PDF Download

Pan card correction form has given in the below links download the form by clicking on the download button.

Details Links
Pan card correction form Download
Official website Click Here
Go Digital Zone Home page


Download more PDF forms –


Is the PAN card correction form and reprint form the same?

Yes, Both form is the same form.

How much is the fee for PAN card correction?

Rs. 107 is the fee of pan card correction.

How long does it take to reprint the PAN card?

It will take one to seven days normally.

Can I submit the PAN correction form online?

Yes, you can submit the pan correction or new pan form online by visiting its official websites such as NSDL and UTI.

Even if I apply online, did I have to send the hard copy to the office?

Yes, you have to send the hardcopy to the office by post or courier whose address is given on their website.

How many fields can be corrected by a PAN card correction form?

Only three fields you can fix at once.

Can NSDL’s pan card be corrected through UTI?

Yes, you can correct it.

Is pan card correction form of UTI and NSDL the same?

Yes, it is the same.

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