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Pandora Papers List Download – The Pandora Papers Meaning PDF


Pandora Papers List Download PDF option we have given to this article. If you are looking for the Pandora Pandora Papers list you can download it from below.

As you came to know that the Pandora Papers Leaks in 2021 and where billionaires’ illegal activities get leaked. Through that papers 2021, many hidden truths get leaked.

The masterpieces of billionaires of the world have been revealed by that the Pandora Papers. You can download it from below and know about it.

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How to Download Pandora Papers List?

Below has given Pandora Papers List Download link. And If you have confusion about it you can read this article to clear the confusion.

Filename Pandora Papers
Type Confidential
Format PDF
Size 195KB
Pages 14 Pages
Leaks in 2021
The Pandora Papers Download

Pandora Papers Meaning

The file popular among the people is known as the Pandora Papers Leak and these confidential files leak in 2021. This is a very confidential file and these files containing the property and money of Billionaires, financial records all over the world have been leaked.


Basically, there is an organization called the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which has identified the assets and companies of the billionaires of the whole world. And has collected the documents of Billionaires from many different legal and financial firms. And have published all those things in front of the public, which is known as the Pandora Papers Leak.

All the things that billionaires have done to save their money from tax have been leaked by that paper. You can download the ICIJ Pandora Papers List.

That Paper contains 11.9 million confidential documents. And collected from 14 separate legal and financial firms. The Billionaires, Politicians, Rich people have invested their money such as in tax haven countries like Panama, Virgin Islands, UAE, etc.

The Pandora Papers Leak

The Pandora Papers as known as the ICIJ Pandora Papers and which means you must have understood from the above section. As you came to know these files are Confidential Files, even before that the same file was leaked which is known as Panama Papers.


The Papers collected 2.94 terabytes of financial and legal data. Moreover, this data is larger than the Panama Papers which were leaked in 2016.

All the people named in these papers have evaded tax and are investing abroad. And all that money is then brought into the country by making white and through different sources. A huge amount of tax is evaded in this process.

Pandora Papers Indian

Pandora Papers has the names of many Indian rich people, which you can see from below.

  • Anil Ambani
  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • Jeweler Nirav Modi’s
  • Nira Radia
  • Cox and Kings Ajit Kerkar
  • Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
  • Jackie Shroff
  • Satish Sharma

Pandora Papers List

Actually, Pandora Papers revealed how offshore money machine work. Secondly, there are also many banks and legal firms in this field who help in doing all these things.


And this shows that rich people, politicians, billionaires of all the countries of the world, they invest their money in tax haven countries to save their money from tax.

And maybe there is illegal money in this money too. Know more about that papers from the given video.

Pandora Papers Leak Indian Name List

As you came to know that India’s wealthy people have invested money in the tax haven country to save their money from the Indian government.


And in this, businessmen, sportspersons, actors, politicians, ministers, all these people invest their money and invest their country’s money in the abroad.

If you are looking for the Indian people’s names in that list then you can see them in the Pandora list. which you can download from the above-given download link.

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What is a pandora paper leak?

Wealthy people of every country in the world hide money in tax haven countries to save taxes and run offshore companies. And the confidential financial documents of all those people have been leaked by the ICIJ.

Who Leaked the Pandora Papers?

That papers were leaked by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

The names of how many Indian people are included in the list of Pandora Papers?

The names of 8 people of India are on that list.

When were the pandora papers released?

That papers leaked on 3rd October 2021.


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