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PFMS 2021 – Know Your Payment Status of Scholarship, Schemes


PFMS about and how to check payment status about any government payment from PFMS. You can get payment information about PM Kisan, government pension, PFMS scholarship 2021, government financial assistance, etc. in the PFMS portal.

If you are reading this article, then you must look to check any payment in PFMS. If I am right then this article is for you. In this article, we have told what is PFMS, how to check the status of any government payment from it, and related to it some better information from which you should know.

There are many websites where wrong information is being given to people. And there are many Youtube channels where false information is being shared with people. If you want correct information, then read this article till the end. First of all, we know what is PFMS. Read about all government schemes and about their process.

What is PFMS?

PFMS (Public Financial Management System) is a payment system where the money is sent to the public account. Under any scheme, whatever payment the government has to give to the public, it is given through this payment system.


People from the PFMS portal are given government scheme money in their bank account. In this, all the state scholarship, government scheme, pension, MGNREGA payment, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, payment of all these schemes are given by this PFMS payment system.

Direct money is sent to the public bank account by PFMS. There is no third party agent in its middle. This payment system is called DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer).

It’s not a scholarship portal. Many websites have described this portal as a scholarship portal. For your information, I say that this is not a scholarship portal, but from this portal, students can take their scholarship payment information. If you and the student have to apply for a scholarship then you have to go to the NSP (National Scholarship Portal).

All these government payments are given through this PFMS. And that’s why you have been given payment in your bank account from this portal or not, you can check its status. We have told you below how you can check your payment with the PFMS.


What kind of payment status can be checked by PFMS?

As we have mentioned that this is a payment system. Through this portal, the government has sent money to the bank accounts of all the people of the country. You can get information about the payment of any government scheme from that portal. There is no need to register in it in any way.

So let’s know what is the payment that is given by PFMS and you can check in it –

  1. In this, payment for a scholarship of all the states is given. And from this, you can check the payment status of all scholarships.
  2. All government scheme payments can be checked. Like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Ujjal Yojana (PMUY), Pradhan Mandiri Jan Argya Yojana (PMJAY) scheme.
  3. MGNREGA payment can be checked.
  4. All the government’s economic assistance is given to the people, they can check the status of the payment. As the information of coronavirus payment.

All types of government scheme payment status can be checked from there.

Now we will tell how you can check the payment status of any government scheme from there.


How to check scholarship and government scheme payment in PFMS?

Now you know what is the PFMS portal and what are the benefits of it. So out of this, whatever payment you have for scholarship and government scheme, you can check all the payment from there. Or else the payment of any scheme is coming, you will also be able to check the status of that payment.

Let’s know how you know the payment status of any government scheme, and how you can check the payment status of a scholarship of any state.

How to check the PFMS Scholarship 2021 Payment Status?

You can check the PFMS Scholarship payment status in two ways using pfms.nic.in. The first is through your bank account and the second is through your scholarship application number. So let’s know how to check the payment status of any such scholarship –

  • First, you click here
  • Now PFMS page will open
  • Where you will see an option of Track NSP Payment as shown in the image, click in it.check payment status
  • Now a new page will open where your bank account or scholarship application number will be filled.pfms scholarship payment check
  • After that fill in the Captcha code which is written in the photo on the side.
  • Now, by clicking on the search, the payment status of your scholarship will appear.

Similarly, the PFMS scholarship 2021 check the payment status. Now we will know how to know the status of payment of any government scheme.


How to check the payment status of any government scheme?

If you apply for several government schemes and your proposal is approved. So you can see your payment status from here. All government schemes are paid through this portal. Therefore, you can see the payment status of any scheme in which you will apply.

Let’s know how to check the payment status of any government scheme –

  • First, you go to the page of PFMS, by clicking here.
  • Right now the home page of PFMS will open from there and click on know your payment.
  • A new page will open where you will have to fill in your bank account number and name of the bank along with it. As shown in the photo.pfms payment check
  • Now fill the captcha shown in the photo under the word verification and click in search.
  • Now, if payment is given in your bank account from any scheme, then it will appear there.

In this way, if you have any problems with payment status from the PFMS, then tell in the comment below.

What is the solution for the Not Found error?

If you see a note found error upon checking the status. So it means that no payment has been made to your bank account by the government. Many Youtubers have put the wrong information on Youtube and are giving wrong information to people about it. Below is sharing a photo of Not Found –


not found pfms

If you see the page shown in the photo, its payment has not been transferred to your bank account. Check again after a few days if your application is approved.


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