Apply For PRC Assam Online 2021 – Permanent Residence Certificate

PRC Assam Application procedure, how to apply for PRC Assam online in a moment using mobile. Here you will get all details about the PRC Assam.
Issue a permanent residence certificate for higher education in Assam. People can apply for PRC Assam from their home with the E-district services of Assam. Assam government providing PRC Assam certificate for only educational purposes where such a certificate is insisted upon by the educational institution.
Certificate issuing is as per existing provisions after due examinations by the deputy commissioners and sub-divisional Officers (civil) containing a clear provision that will be applicable only in respect of the specific recruitment of admission.
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Apply For PRC Assam Online 2021

Providing PRC Assam (permanent resident certificate) to people for higher education through the relevant Deputy Commissioners of the District, within the stipulated time, the standard Guidelines, Procedures, Timeline, nominated public servants, Appellate authority, review authority documents required to submit as mentioned below for PRC Assam.
In the Assam application procedure for Permanent Residence Certificate now it’s very simple, you can apply for PRC Assam through E-district services in few minutes for that you should have an E-district ID, you can check here how to create an. E-district ID for individuals.

PRC Assam Online Application Process 2021

Before applying for PRC you must know about documents and eligibility for that read the article till the end. I have explained how you can apply for PRC Assam in zippy.

For PRC Assam follow the instructions as follows:

Required Documents:

  1. Two copies of passport size photographs
  2. Record of real estate with up-to-date land revenue, payment receipt, if any
  3. Copy of Indian passport
  4. Certified copy of NRC 1951
  5. Certified copy of voter list linkage
  6. Copy of the pertaining to the PRC, if any, to the applicant
  7. The Copy of the birth certificate issued by the competent authority
  8. Copy of HSLC Certificate / Admit Card
  9. The employment certificate issued by the employer indicates the joining of the present location of the posting if any
  10. Documents related to parents and ancestors living in Assam for a minimum period of 50 years
  11. Documents related to parents of a continuous duration of 20 years.

How To Apply For PRC Assam Online 2021

You can apply in two methods Online and Offline you must apply through online mode it’s very simple and easy. Follow the instruction:
  1. First, create an  E-district account for free click here.
  2. Now click here and log in with your e-district id.
  3. Now a dashboard will open where you have to select the Permanent Residence Certificate Application Form from the dropdown list and click on the Go button.prc apply
  4. Another interface will show, from there click on online.prc assam application processs
  5. The next page will load where you have to click on Submit Online.submit prc form online
  6. Now the application form will open in another tab. (You must use a computer to submit that form online)
  7. In that form fill all required fill like name, address, age, etc.prc assam application form
  8. At the end of the application, you have to select documents from your computer by clicking the browse button in pdf format within written size as mentioned there. (Download Application Form)upload prc doc
  9. Now at the bottom, you have to fill printout copy amount (like 1 acknowledgment copy) and the total documents scanned amount and also fill the captcha code.prc application submit
  10. In the end, you can see three buttons like preview, submit and cancel from there click on Submit. 
  11. After submitting the application form all the documents will upload automatically if there is any mistake in the size of the document file then an error will show otherwise will complete its self the uploading process automatically.
  12. When you complete the uploading of documents a new page will be open for payment of your application fees Rs. 30/-.
  13. After complete payment, an acknowledgment receipt will be generated, and take a printout copy of this for future references.

Who can apply for the PRC Assam – Residential Certificate?

  1. A person who is with his parents and ancestors or whose parents and ancestors have been successfully resident in Assam, minimum of 50 years
  2. Who has been residing in Assam for a minimum period of 20 years
  3. A person who is one of the moving categories
  4. Procedure to be followed:
i) In the case of PRC for educational purposes and in the form of standard application form along with required documents by the applicant and specified in O / O Deputy Commissioner or SDO. Is presented. (Civil) related to copying.
ii) Approval of receipt of application form O / o Deputy Commissioner or SDO (Civil), for the investigation of the same concerned SP and Circle Officer, is supported simultaneously and will report to SP and Circle Officer and then report to the Deputy Commissioner / SDO. (Civil) and commissioner’s report and on the basis of the subject, the Commissioner / SDO (Civil) related, the permanent residential certificate issued for educational purposes only
iii) After receiving the application O / o, the Deputy Commissioner / S.D.O. (Civil), within 3 (three) working days, it will be sent to the SP and Circle Officer who will complete the investigation process and within 8 working days of receipt of the application, there will be only one Deputy Commissioner. (For educational purpose) within the next 3 business days.
Application fee:
Rs.30 / – for the application, the court fee stamp, and Rs. 50 / – as processing fee
Important Links About PRC Assam
Details Links
Download PRC Assam Application Form Click Here
How to create an E-district ID Click here
Login E-forms Click here
Go Digital Zone Home Page

Here is the process of the Permanent Residence Certificate Assam. If you have any questions kindly ask in the comment box below.

How to Download E-district Approved Certificate

After approving your certificate you have to download from online. You need to digitally verify your certificate after download it. Follow the below-mentioned steps –

Certificate Download Process – 

  • Log in to e-form with your e-district ID
  • Click on the Get Status tab
  • Click on Check E-forms status
  • Fill with your application number and search
  • Now a download page will open
  • Click on download and your certificate will be downloaded

Digital sign verify process –

  • Open your certificate with adobe reader
  • Right-click on the sign (?)
  • Click on show signature properties
  • Click show signatures certificate
  • Now click on the Trust tab
  • Tick all the boxes and
  • Click on Add to trusted certificate and click OK
  • Now click on Validate Signature

Download PRC Assam

Now your certificate is successfully digitally verified you can this certificate anywhere. Having an issue with download and sign verification do comment below.


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