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Ration Card Form 3 – Apply For New Ration Card in West Bengal


Ration Card Form 3 download to apply for a new digital ration card in West Bengal, If you do not have a ration card then apply with form 3.

If you are looking to download ration card form 3 to apply for a new digital ration card then download the form from the bottom of the page.

Before downloading the form I would like to suggest that you read this article once. So that you do not face any problem while applying for a new ration card in West Bengal.

Form details –

ration card form 3
Form nameRation Card Form 3
Form typeGovernmental
Size241 Kb and 317 KB
Pages2 pages
PurposeFor a New Ration Card
Official websitehttps://food.wb.gov.in/

What is Ration Card Form 3?

Ration Card Form 3 is a new ration card application form with this form people can apply for a new ration card in West Bengal.

If you do not have a ration card and you are belonging to a village or urban area then you can apply for a ration card using this form easily to know the process read this article till the end.


With this ration card form, you can apply for a fresh new digital ration card. Peoples fill this form to add their name to the ration card and want to buy rations at a fair price from the FPS shop.

So if you want to apply for a new ration card then you need to fill this form. And you have to follow a procedure then can get your own card, to know about the procedure read below given sections.

If you want to add a new member to your existing ration card then read this article click here to know the procedure.

Eligibility of Ration Card

There are two types of ration card application forms to get a ration card one is for rural areas and the other is for urban areas.


The eligibility of rural and urban areas is also different so below are the details of both the eligibility. According to where you are from, read that the eligibility details below.

Ration Card Eligibility for Rural Area in West Bengal

You can apply for a ration card only if you are eligible for any one of the lists below.

  1. That family is eligible who belong to primitive tribes.
  2. A family with a single room with crumbling walls and crumbling roofs.
  3. That family who do not have a shelter.
  4. A family that does not have any adult members, aged between 16 to 59 years
  5. A family in which a woman is the head of the family and there is no male member between the ages of 16 and 59.
  6. Poor family or Begger family
  7. A family without any capable adult members.
  8. SC / ST family.
  9. A family where there is no educated above 25 years of age.
  10. The family has no land and works as a laborer for a living.
  11. Sweeper family.

Eligibility for ration cards in urban areas

  • The family lives in a house with walls/roof made of grass/straw/bamboo/wood/mud.
  • And the family whose roof is covered with tile/GI/tin/asbestos and mud walls or burnt bricks or wood/stone.
  • That family, who has no water source near the house.
  • There is no electrical connection.
  • There is no concrete latrine.
  • A family in which a female is the head of the family and there is no male member between the ages of 16 and 59.
  • Belonging to SC/ST community.
  • That family, where there are no educated adult members.
  • The family whose head is not educated by primary education.
  • A family in which one member is physically handicapped and one member is ill for a long time.
  • A family member who works as a peddler/shoemaker/hawker.
  • Construction Worker/Plumber/Mason/Worker/Dyer/Welder/Security Guard/Maid/Servant/Worker/Tailor/Helper/Transport Worker/Driver/Conductor/Driver & Conductor/Garoyan/Rickshaw Driver’s Helper/Laundry/Watchman/Coolie / Porter
  • The head of the household is a shop staff/assistant/helper/a small concern peon/waiter/electric mechanic/mechanic/repair worker.
  • The head of the family works for daily wages or weekly wages.
  • There are no permanent jobs and the source of income is mainly from pension/interest and rent.
  • A homeless family
  • Lives in a single room with nearby walls and raw roof
    Poverty or begging/anger picking / sweeping/scavenging/gardening.
  • No income
  • All adult members work irregularly or on a daily wage.
  • The head of the household is the minor.
  • Includes a family where all members of a family between the ages of 18-60 are either disabled or have been suffering from chronic disease.
  • Includes a family where all family members over the age of 65 are either disabled or suffering from a long-time disease.

Who can’t fill ration card form 3?

The following persons and families will not be able to apply for a ration card.

  1. The family in which there will be a motor vehicle such as two-wheeler, four-wheeler.
  2. And the family whose house is made of concrete.
  3. The family whose monthly income is more than Rs 15000.
  4. The family member has a government job in -Gazetted/non-gazetted/Central/State Government/PSU government-aided autonomous bodies and local bodies.
  5. who pays tax.
  6. The household has a refrigerator/generator or consumes up to 4 kW of electricity.
  7. A family who has 2.5 acres of land to cultivate.

Where to submit ration form no 3?

As you already know that this form is for a new ration card application. So after filling the form, where do you need to submit the form, many people do not know about these things. So in this section, I explained in detail where to submit that form and much more that you will know.


There are many ways to submit that form in West Bengal, the government of WB has made those services easy for the people of the state. You can submit that form in four ways.

Firstly, you can submit the filled form to the Duarer Sarkar camp which is a very easy process to get a new ration card. And this process is very fast also, you can get the ration card within a few days.

Secondly, you can submit that form to the FPS shop owner or dealer who can proceed with the work.

Thirdly, you have to visit the district supply office to submit the form (DFSO) along with the required document.


The fourth way is a very easy way which is the online way. You can submit the form online without going anywhere.

Required document for the ration card form 3R and 3U?

Along with the ration card form you need to submit some documents for verification. Documents details as given below –

  1. Aadhaar card copy of every member of the family.
  2. Address proof document only if the address is different from Aadhaar.
  3. Age proof for the minor family members whose age is below 5 years.

Documents acceptable as proof of address-

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Voter ID (EPIC)
  • Driving license
  • Bank Passbook
  • Electricity bill
  • Income Tax Assessment order copy

How to fill ration card form 3?

If you have any confusion about ration card form 3 filling then you can read this section otherwise, skip it.


It is very easy to fill new ration card application form. As you know that there are two types of forms one is Form 3R (for rural) and the other is Form 3U (for urban).

But the same field has to be filled in both the forms. In both the forms, only the option in eligibility is different, everything else is the same.

You need to fill in only three steps.

  • First, tick all sections in the “Auto-exclusion index”.
  • Secondly, in the “Deprivation Criteria” tick one or multiple if this is your situation.
  • Thirdly, fill in your address as per the document.
  • In the fourth section, fill your nearest ration dealer details like dealer name, shop code which you can get from the dealer or even leave it.
  • Fill in your family member’s details in the C section. In 1 applicant, write about the head of the family and others in serial form one by one.
  • At the end write the current date and give a signature to the applicant. And then submit the form along with the above-given documents.

Download Ration Card Form 3R and Form 3U PDF

Download PDF form area wise if you are from a village then download Form 3R only and if you are from any city then download Form 3U only.

Form 3RDownload
Form 3UDownload
Official website of Food WBClick Here
Go Digital ZoneHome Page

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Ration Card Related Support in West Bengal

Toll-free number
  • 1800 345 5505
  • 1967
Head office addressKhadyasree Bhavan 11A, Mirza Ghalib Street, Kolkata – 700087, West Bengal
Ration Card Email Support (IT cell)wbfoodrccomplaints@gmail.com
Server Problem faced by Dealers (IT Cell)wbfooddealerservercomplaints@gmail.com


Which form has to be filled for the new digital ration card?

You have to fill Form 3 for a new digital ration card in West Bengal.

Can I apply for a new ration card online?

Yes, you can apply for a new ration card online from the official website of the Food Department West Bengal.

How to check ration card application status?

Go to the official website of the food department of West Bengal and from there select online apply and log in with your registered mobile number and check the application status.

How many days does it take to make a new ration card?

A ration card e-copy is usually given within a week online only if all the documents are correct.

What is the West Bengal ration card toll-free number?

The toll-free number of the West Bengal Ration Card is 18003455505/1967.


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