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Ration Card Form 4 PDF – West Bengal Ration Card Form


Ration Card Form 4 PDF – To add new members to the existing ration card you have to fill ration card form 4, download it here.

You can download that form and learn more things related to that form from here. In this article, I have tried to give you all the information related to it.

I hope you understand and you will not have any confusion about how to fill that form and submit the form.

Form details –

Ration Card Form 4 PDF
Form name Ration Card Form 4
Type of form Governmental
Format PDF
Size 287 KB
Pages 2 pages
Purpose New member Name Addition to the Ration Card.
Official website https://food.wb.gov.in/


Why fill Ration Card Form 4?

Need to fill the ration card form 4 is for if you already have a ration card in your family and by submitting it, you have also got a digital ration card.

But in the process of that digital ration card, the name of a family member is left, then you will have to fill the ration card form number 4 to add his name.


You can add new members throughout that form like grandson or granddaughter, the newborn child in the family.

That is why people fill that form. Download form 4 from the bottom of the page.

Where to submit the ration card form 4?

To add a new name to the existing ration card you have to submit Ration Card Form No 4 in West Bengal, you can submit that form in different ways.

You can submit that form to the Duarer Sarkar Camp, and you can get its form from there also. If there are any of the Duarer Sarkar camps running near you, then you can go there and submit that form, this will make your work faster.


Secondly, you can also submit that form to the ration card office or dealer too after filling the form.

With the help of the third option, you do not need to go anywhere to submit that form, you can easily submit it online through your mobile sitting at home.

What documents need to submit along with ration card form 4?

Along with that ration card form you have to submit some documents to add a new name to the ration card. Documents are –

  • Digital ration card copy of other family members.
  • Aadhaar card of new member
  • Birth certificate in case of member’s age is less than five years.

Above given documents, you need to submit along with that form.


How to fill ration card form 4?

If you have any confusion regarding that form filling then follow the below steps and fill that form correctly.

You have to follow only four steps to fill that form. After downloading and printing that form fill correctly as given below.

  • First of all, fill in the details of the head of the family or any member of your family who has a digital ration card already. Fill in like the name, ration card category, and the ration card nmber.
  • Secondly, fill in the new member details whose name you want to add. Name of the new member, relationship with the head of the family, gender, name of father/mother/husband/wife, etc.
  • If you are filling it to add only one member then fill in only one applicant’s details and leave others like 2,3.
  • Also, fill in the address details in section B.
  • Thirdly, fill in the contact details like mobile number, WhatsApp number, and email address.
  • Fourthly, fill in the details of the existing member who already has a digital ration card in the “D” section.
  • Finally, give the signature of the applicant and fill in the exact place and date, and then submit that form to the authority.

Ration Card Form 4 PDF Download

download the new member addition form of ration card form 4 from the given download link below.

Details Links
Form 4 of Ration Card Download
Official website of Ration Card WB Click Here
Go Digital Zone Home page



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How to Check Ration Card Form 4 Status?

To check ration form 4 status you have to visit the official website and from there you have to choose the apply online from the tab of the official website home page and login with your linked mobile number then you can check the status.

What do you need to fill Form 4 online?

You will need the existing ration card copy of other family members and the applicant’s Aadhaar card and linked mobile number.

What is the full form of the DRC of Ration Card?

Ration Card DRC stands for Digital Ration Card in West Bengal.

What is Form 4 in Ration Card?

In Ration Card West Bengal the name of the new family member is added to the digital ration card by this form.

Can I fill ration card form 4 online?

Yes, you can fill that form by visiting the food.wb.gov.in website.

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