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Ration Card Form 5 – Ration Card Correction Form PDF


Ration Card Form 5 This form is for your digital ration card in West Bengal to correct the complete details of the digital ration card.

If you are looking for the ration card form no 5 to correct your digital ration card details then you can download it from here.

Before downloading that form I want to suggest you that you should read this article once because in this article everything related to that form has been explained in detail.

Form details –

Ration card form 5
Form name Ration card form 5
Form type Governmental
Size 271 KB
Format PDF
Pages 2 pages
Purpose Correction of ration card details
Official website https://food.wb.gov.in/



Why Fill Ration Card Form 5?

As I mentioned above that ration card form 5 is for the correction of digital ration card details in West Bengal.

After providing a digital ration card by the government, people are filling that form because a lot of mistakes have been left in that digital ration card and it is necessary to rectify it.


A ration card is seen as a document in many places, it is also considered as address proof of family and in many places. Also, a digital ration card is considered as identity proof in many places.

Therefore, it is very important to correct that ration card and to correct the same ration card, that form has been issued by the Food Department of the government. The one who wants to get his digital ration card corrected will have to fill that form.

That’s why people fill ration card form number 5 to correct digital ration card details.

Where need to submit the ration card form 5?

If there is a mistake in your ration card or in the details of any member of your family. whether it is in the name or date of birth or address, then you have to fill the ration card form 5.


And one more thing only if you fill that form correctly then your application will be accepted otherwise it will be rejected. That’s why if you have any confusion about how to fill that form then you can read the below section to fill it correctly without any mistake.

Firstly, download that form from the link given below and then fill it in as per your requirement for correction.

After filling that form you can submit it in many ways – the first method is you can submit that filled form to the dealer from where you take rations.

The second option is you can submit the filled form to the nearest NFSA District Supply Office. And the third option is that you can submit that form to the Duarer Sarkar Camp.


How to fill ration card form no 5?

If you have any confusion about that form filling then follow the below-given steps to fill that form correctly without any mistake.

Fill that form in capital letters and in black ink. And you have to leave a box to give a space between the two words.

That form is divided into sections so fill the form section-wise. Follow the steps –

  • In the “A” section of the form, enter the details of the ration cardholder or the head of the family as given in the ration card and write it as same as on the ration card.
  • Secondly, in the “B” point of the form write your correct address with the correct spelling of what you want to correct. Or if your address is correct as given on the ration card then fill the same.
  • Thirdly, write your contact details such as mobile number, email address in point “C”.
  • Enter the correct details in the “D” section. If your name or parent’s name, etcetera is given incorrectly in the ration card, then you write correctly here.
  • Fifthly, write the aadhaar details of the existing family member’s details as same as written on the ration card.
  • at the end tick a sign before the I agree to section or declaration section. And give the signature of the applicant and also fill in the current date and then submit that form.

What document do you need to submit along with ration card form 5?

To correct the wrong information on your digital ration card you need to submit some correct documents along with the ration card form 5.


The document that will accept as follows –

  • Copy of Aadhaar of all family members and the applicant.
  • Birth Certificate for whose age less than 5 years.
  • Voter ID (EPIC), (If there is no correct Aadhaar card.)
  • Driving License, (Optional)
  • Bank Passbook,(Optional)
  • Passport. (Optional)

Choose any one document as identity proof.

Download Ration Card Form 5 PDF

Download the ration card form 5 pdf from the given download link.

Details Links
Form 5 Download
Official website of WB food department Click Here
Go Digital Zone Home Page



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Can I submit Ration Card Form 5 online?

Yes, you can submit form 5 online by visiting the official website of the food department of the West Bengal government.

How to check the status of form 5?

You can check the status of form 5 by logging in to the online application section of the Food Department website with your linked mobile number.

How do I correct my digital ration card in West Bengal?

You can correct your existing digital ration card by filling the form 5 both online and offline.

Do I need to fill in the correct information in Form 5 only?

In West Bengal Ration Card Correction Form you just have to fill in correct details in sections B and D which you want to make corrections. And in the other fields, you have to fill in the existing details.

What is the Duarer Sarkar in West Bengal?

According to the order of the Government of West Bengal, government work for the citizens of the state like filling the form of ration card, getting voter card, etc., services are being made available from door to door of the people of the village.

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