Ration Card Form 6 – Change Dealer and Transfer Name


Ration Card Form 6 PDF form download for change FPS shop or dealer and transfer name due to marriage, divorce, separation.

Looking for Ration Card Form No 6 then you can download it in PDF format from the bottom of the page.

In this article, everything related to ration card transfer or change form has been explained in detail, so before downloading the form, read this article till the end to clear your confusion regarding that form.

Form details –

Form nameRation Card Form 6
Form typeGovernmental
Size275 KB
Pages2 pages
PurposeChange FPS and Name Transfer
Official websitehttps://food.wb.gov.in/

What is ration card form 6?

As I told you above the ration card form 6 is for use to transfer family member names one to another and also used to change the dealer or FPS shop.

This form is mostly used for name transfer for marriage. For example, if your sister gets married in your family, then in that case you have to fill this form to transfer your sister’s name.

If your family is shifting permanently from one place to another, then you have to fill this form to change the shop or dealer of your ration card.


If you want to separate your name from one ration card to another ration card, then you have to fill this form of ration card only.

In case of divorce also you can fill this form to transfer the name of the divorced person from the husband’s family ration card to another ration.

Where need to submit the ration card form 6?

You have various options to submit Ration Card Form 6 in West Bengal using which you can submit your filled form anywhere from those options.

As you know that Duarer Sarkar Camp is running all over the state and probably you know what services are being provided through Duarer Sarkar Camp.


The Duarer Sarkar is also providing the service of ration cards in the camp so that you can submit all the related forms of ration cards at Duarer Sarkar Camp. You can collect and submit all forms related to the ration card.

Alternatively, you can submit the filled Form 6 to the dealer from where you are collecting the ration.

Thirdly, you can submit the filled form to the District Supply Officer or DFSO Food Department office.

What documents are required along with ration card form 6?

When you go to submit that form, then you will have to submit some documents along with that form. The documents to be submitted are mentioned in the following list-

  • Aadhaar card copy of all the applicant
  • Marriage certificate for transfer of name in case of marriage.
  • Copy of digital ration card of the head of the family/husband/father.
  • Birth certificate for minor member (Below five years of  age)
  • Contact details of the ration card holder where you want to transfer the name. (Need to fill-in form)
  • Details of FPS shop where you want to transfer the name. (Need to fill-in form)

How to fill the ration card form 6?

This form is divided into several sections, so you need to fill this form section-wise. Read those sections to know how to fill Form No 6 correctly.

  1. In section A, fill the details about the head of the family only if you want to change the FPS shop or transfer the entire family members. Otherwise, leave section A if you only want to move one or two family members.
  2. In the B section, fill the name or details of the member whose name you want to transfer.
  3. And in section C, fill in the details of the new FPS to which the family member is transferring, such as shop name, shop code, etc.
  4. If you are transferring your name for marriage, divorce, or separation, then fill in your existing ration card details in section D.
  5. Fill in their contact details where you are transferring your name due to marriage, divorce, or separation in section E of this form.
  6. Section F you have to fill if you are transferring your name for marriage, divorce, or separate. And fill in the information of all the family members of the ration card in which you want to transfer your name.
  7. In Section G, write the address where your name is being transferred.
  8. At the end give your signature and the current date on which date you are submitting the filled form.

Download Ration Card Form 6 PDF

The name transfer and FPS shop transfer ration card form 6 download link has given below. Download the PDF form by clicking on the download button.

Form 6Download
Official website of Food DepartmentClick Here
Go Digital ZoneHome Page

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Can I submit Ration Card Form 6 online?

Yes, you can submit this form online by visiting the official website of the Food Department.

What is the full form of DFSO?

District Food Supply Office. This is a district-based Food Department office.

Why Fill Ration Card Form 6?

This form is used to change dealer or FPS shop to another and transfer name from one ration card to another.

What is the FPS full form?

Fair Price Shop (FPS) is a shop licensed by the food department of the state from where people can buy products at reasonable prices.

Which form needs to be filled in West Bengal to transfer name in ration card due to marriage?

You need to fill Ration Card Form 6 in West Bengal for Marriage, Divorce, and Separation.

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