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Revenue Assam Land Information – Download Jamabandi | NOC | Dalil


Revenue Assam – An online portal to get land information. From where people can get about Dalil, NOC, Jamabandi copy, Patta.

By sitting at home and without going to any departmental office, you can get your land clearance and all documents related to your land online.

In this article, we have given the complete information about the portal of Revenue Assam, if you want, you can print your land documents and download it, we also have the complete information about it below.

Revenue Assam Jamabandi Download

Along with the times, the government has also changed all its departments to an online system. And this also helps the public. The public does not have to visit the office repeatedly for the same work. In the process of digitization, the revenue department of Assam has been made available online.


With the help of the Revenue Assam, people can get landholding and all information related to land. If anyone wants a certificate related to the land, they can also download it from the online portal. This facility is also providing to the public as per the process of digitization.

Even if someone needs a landholding certificate, he is given the Landholding Certificate with the help of the online portal. For this, that applicant has to submit only an application through the online portal. After that, the landholding certificate is given to that applicant with the help of an online service of Revenue Assam.

Let’s know what you can do with the help of the Revenue Assam portal? And what kind of documents can you download and print? And how can you do all these things? We have given you its complete information below.

  1. Check the new applied Ration Card Assam list online.
  2. Get Assam E-district user ID and Password to get 47 government services online.

Download And Print Jamabandi Copy

If you have your own land and you want to get its Jamabandi copy. For this, you read the information given below so that you can get complete information about it. So that you can get the Jamabandi copy of your own land from the online portal.


Keep in mind that to get the Jamabandi copy, you will need your landmark number or Dag Number. If you do not have a dag number, first you collect the dag number, then you can get the Jamabandi copy.

So let’s know how you can download and print your land’s Jamabandi copy online.

  • First, you have to go to the official website of revenue Assam. For that, you click here.Revenue Assam
  • Now a new page will open where you have to select your district, circle, and your village name.Revenue Assamselect options
  • After that, you will see a new interface in front of you, where you have to fill in the captcha code and your dag number.
  • After that, you click on see Jamabandi.see jamabandi copy
  • Now you can see your Jamabandi coy in a PDF file.
  • You can download this or print your wish.

How to apply for the objection petition against land through Revenue Assam?

Now we will tell you that if you have any kind of complaint about someone’s land, how can you submit that complaint online.

Keep in mind that you must have a real reason for filing an objection against someone’s land. Let’s know how to fill and submit objections online.

  • First, go to the Revenue Assam portal.
  • Now you have to Click on the certificate.noc apply
  • Now a new page will open where you have to fill in the Objection Petition Form.
  • In this form, your district, Mauja, circle, village, Dag number, Patta number, address of the applicant, and the reason for objection will have to be fill.petition form entry
  • After filling this form, fill in the captcha code and click submit.
  • Now you will get an application number, and using this you can check the status of your petition application.

How to Apply for Sale Permission Assam Revenue NOC?

Now we will tell you how to apply for NOC and what is NOC? I am going to give you the complete information about that.revenue assam noc

First of all, you know about NOC. Many people do not know what NOC is. The permission which is taken from the government before selling the land is called NOC.

If you want to sell your land then before that you have to get NOC from the government. So let’s know how you will apply for NOC.

For NOC you cannot apply online yourself, for this you will have to go to your circle office. The application process of NOC is online but you cannot apply for it yourself.


To apply for NOC, you have to go to your circle office. From where you can apply for NOC online. After applying, you will get an application receipt. Where there will be an application number and a secret password, with which you can check the status of your NOC application.

How to Check Status of Sale Permission NOC online?

If you have applied for permission online to sell your land. And now you want to check its status. So you can check its status online from your mobile. The complete information about it has been explained below.

To check your NOC status online, you will need the application receipt. An application number and a secret password are provided in that application receipt. Which you will need at the time of checking the status of NOC online.

Follow the steps given below to check the status of NOC.

  1. First of all, go to the website of Revenue Assam.
  2. And then click on the certificate as explained above.
  3. Then click on View Current status of NOC.
  4. A new page will open where you will have to enter your application number and secret password.check status of NOC
  5. After that click on submit and now you can see the status of your application. Is your application is approved then you can download your NOC.

How to download Sale Permission NOC of Revenue Assam?

If your land sales permission application is approved, you can download your NOC online. Now I will tell you how you can download NOC online from Revenue Assam Portal.

You can download NOC as we have been told how to view the status of NOC. To download the NOC of land sale permission follows the following steps.

  • First of all, click on the link or go to the portal and click on the certificate.
  • Now click on Download approved NOC.download approved noc
  • Enter your application number and the secret password.download approved noc
  • After that click on submit and you can see another option Download approved NOC.
  • Click on that and download your NOC.

Services of Revenue Assam Portal?

As you are told, in Digital India, all the departments of Assam are being transferred online to all government departments in the process of digitization. With that, the revenue department of Assam has also moved online.

Right now people of Assam can take all the facilities of the Revenue Department online. So we will tell you which services you can avail of from the Revenue Assam portal at home.

  1. Extracting Dag number and Patta number of land.
  2. Downloading Jamabandi copy online.
  3. Download the Dalil of your land.
  4. Submission of land objection petition online.
  5. Downloading NOC online to sell land.
  6. Apply for an extension of the validity of the issued NOC.
  7. Downloading the map of the land.

You can get all these services from the portal online. Visit Go Digital Zone’s Home Page

What is NOC in Revenue Assam?

Before selling your land, you have to get the permission of the government, and the same is called NOC. The permission you need to get before selling the land from the circle office is called NOC.

Can I download a land sale permission NOC copy online?

Yes! You can download your approved NOC online.

Can I apply for land registration through Revenue Assam Portal?



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