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Royal Stag Price in Mumbai – Whisky Price in Maharastra


Royal Stag Price in Mumbai – Know the actual price of Royal Stag Whiskey in Mumbai across the Maharashtra Royal Stag price list.

The government fixed a fixed price for Royal Stag whisky. As you know that liquor is a luxurious thing for which you have to pay a heavy tax to the government.

In India, Royal Stag whiskey is very popular among people and due to price fluctuations, people like you want to know the exact price of that whisky.

Royal Stag Whisky Price in Mumbai 2021 – Maharastra

Before you read Royal Stag Price in Mumbai, I would like to clarify one thing that why the price of whiskey or liquor is going up and downtime and again.

royal stag price

In fact, as I said above, alcohol is a luxury, so you have to pay heavy taxes for it. And the price of liquor is set by the state government and not by the central government. So its price varies from state to state.

Royal Stag whiskey is also one of the best whiskey people want to drink to enjoy their time or to feel relaxed. Many times it happens that its price increases in an instant, so we have taken care to give you an actual price of it below.

Let’s know the royal stag price in Mumbai, Maharastra –

Name Size in ML Price
Royal Stag Price in Mumbai 180ml Rs. 130
375ml Rs. 260
750ml Rs. 520

Royal Stag Barrel Select price in Mumbai

Also know about Royal Stag Barrel Select Price, as you know there are two types of whisky in Royal Stag. Royal stag price is given above and the barrel select price is here.


Royal Stag Barrel Select Price is higher than Royal Stag because in that product the company makes more smooth and delicious.

Product name Size in ML Price
Royal Stag Barrel Select price in Mumbai, Maharastra 180ml Rs. 170
375ml Rs. 310
750ml Rs. 580

Royal Stag Available Size 750ml, 375ml, 180ml

Keeping in mind that everyone can drink Royal Stag whiskey and drink as much as they need, the company has made it in different sizes with different price tags.

But all over India, you will not get all sizes, somewhere you will get all sizes and somewhere you will get limited sizes. But in Mumbai, you will find whiskey in 180 ml, 375 ml, and 750 ml sizes.

And all these sizes also have different names. The size of 180ml is called a quarter, 375ml is called half, and 750ml is called full. And according to this quarter, half, full, the price of this whisky has been set.


Some Healthy Benefits of Whisky

Drinking whisky also has many benefits for your body. If you drink whisky but do not know about the benefits, then see the benefits of drinking whisky given below.

Although there are many benefits of drinking whiskey, only a few have been given for you below. If you want to know about all the benefits, then tell us by commenting below.

  • Drinking whiskey once a week or once a day in two weeks keeps your body in working condition. You will not feel tired.
  • By drinking whiskey, your body gets rest and sleep also comes properly.
  • Whisky is high in antioxidants, so you’ll have less heart disease like not having heart failure.
  • Whiskey will help you fight with cold. If you’re feeling extremely cold, whiskey can help. Drinking whiskey will make the body feel less cool.

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What is the price of Royal Stag Barrel Select 750ml?

Royal Stag Barrel Select Price Rs. 580 in Mumbai or Maharashtra.

Will drinking whiskey have any benefits for the body?

Yes, there are many benefits of drinking whisky, after drinking whiskey your body will get rest and your sleep will also be fulfilled properly.

Where can I get whiskey at a low price?

You can get whiskey at affordable prices in the state of Dadar and Nagar Haveli, India.

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