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Royal Stag Price in UP 2022 PDF – Whisky Price in Uttar Pradesh


Royal Stag Price in UP – Know Royal Stag Whisky price in UP and the exact price provided by the Govt of Uttar Pradesh from the list below.

The price of Royal Stag whiskey fluctuates frequently due to government taxes. And many times the price tag given by the government is higher than the price tag given to the product.

That’s why we are telling you the actual price of these whiskies in Uttar Pradesh.

Royal Stag Whisky Price in UP 2022

Royal Stag Whisky is very popular among the masses in Uttar Pradesh. People consume these whiskies on most occasions and in joyful moments.

royal stag price in up

If you also drink these whiskies in a month or in a week but you have this confusion that what is the cost of royal stag whiskey in UP. So after reading this article you will be clear about these prices in UP.

If you don’t know why the price of whisky is going up and down again and again. So I will make it clear to you that the price is always going up and down because of state government tax. This thing is being done by the state government.

I have tried to give you the current prices of Royal Stag Whiskey in the list below.

Name Size in ML Price
Royal Stag Price in Up 180ml Rs. 150
375ml Rs. 300
750ml Rs. 595

Royal Stag Barrel Select Price in UP

If you’ve always been a whisky drinker then you probably know about this Royal Stag Barrel Select Whisky which is smoother than the Royal Stag Classic Whisky.


It costs a little more than the Royal Stag and is tastier too. So if you always drink Barrel Select then you must be updated with its price as its price is always going up and down.

Let’s know about the price of Barrel Select –

Name Size in ML Price
Royal Stag Barrel Select Price in UP 180ml 160
375ml 330
750ml 650

Royal Stag Price in UP PDF

If you are looking for a list of whiskies in Uttar Pradesh or download pdf then I have gathered a list for you. You can download the PDF file from the link given below.

Details Links
Download Whisky Price List of UP Click Here
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Benefits of Whisky

If you are drinking whisky then you must know about the benefits of whisky. Drinking whisky is beneficial for your body, you can avoid many diseases.

  • Drinking whisky reduces body fat.
  • Your body will get rest after drinking whisky.
  • Drinking whiskey makes you sleep properly and keeps the body active.
  • Drinking whiskey will not cause diseases like heart disease and heart failure, because whiskey is rich in antioxidants.
  • By drinking whisky, you can stay away from the cold for a long time.


What is the quarter size of a royal stag?

The quarter size of the Royal Stag is 180ml. which cost Rs.150

Why is the price of the Royal Stag going up and down?

Its cost is going up and down due to state government taxes because whiskey is a luxurious commodity.

What is the price of Royal Stag 750ml whisky in UP?

Royal Stag whisky price in UP is Rs. 595 for 750 ml.


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