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Royal Stag Price – Know Present Royal Stag Whisky Price


Royal Stag Price – If you drink alcohol regularly, then you must have found that the price of whiskey keeps going up and down.

If said in India, Royal Stage whiskey is quite popular, most people consume this whiskey. Friends, this whiskey also has many benefits which are mentioned below.

The cost of this whiskey varies from state to state. The cost of whiskey is very high in many states and very low in many states, which you will find below. Find out in the section below which states in India have the lowest whiskey prices.

Royal Stag Whisky Price 2021

Royal Stag Price – The price of Royal Stag varies in different parts of India. So you can see the chart of the state you belong to.

royal stag price

Below is the link to the price of all the states, so check the price list of the state you belong to. In this article, the list is given only about the price given by the central government.

The price of alcoholic items is fixed by the state government, so its price varies from state to state. You understand that in a state where the cost of whiskey is high, the government charges more tax in that state.

The price of Royal Stag Whiskey of Delhi has been mentioned in this list. If you belong to another state, check the whiskey price from the link below your state.

Name Size in ML Price
Royal Stag Price in Delhi 180 Rs.130
375 Rs. 240
750 Rs. 450
1000 Rs. 530


The Royal Stag Barrel Select Price

Royal stag barrel select and royal stag are the same company but it is a different product of the same company. There is also a slight difference in its price. Barrel Select is slightly smoother than Classic one.


If you drink Royal Stag regularly, then you do not need to tell about its taste. Barrel Select whisky is actually worth more than Royal Stag.

Let’s know about barrel Select’s price details –

Details Size in ML Price
Royal Stag Barrel Select 180ml Rs. 150
375ml Rs. 260
750ml Rs. 500


Many times the price mentioned in the list is not followed by a normal shopkeeper, they charge more than the list price.


Royal Stag Quarter Price

One thing I want to tell you in this section is that there are three types of sizes available in wine. One is called the quarter, the second one is half and the third one is full.

They are called according to the size such as 180ml is called quarter and 375ml is called half and 750ml is called full in the case of liquor.

So this is the price of these for two products in quarter sizes –

Name Size in ML Price
Quarter Price 180ml 130
Barrel Select Quarter Price 180ml 150


Royal Stag Whisky Prices in State Wise

Select your state and know the Royal Stag Whisky Price in your state.

Name of State Links
Royal stag price in Assam Assam
Royal stag price in Goa Goa
Royal stag price in up 2021 UP
Royal stag price in Guwahati 2021 Guwahati
Royal stag price in Bangalore Bangalore
Royal stag price in Arunachal Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh
Royal stag price in Kolkata Kolkata (West Bengal)
Royal stag price in Punjab Punjab
Royal stag price in Haryana Haryana
Royal stag price in Mumbai Mumbai (Maharastra)
Royal stag price in Telangana Telangana
Royal stag price Hyderabad Hyderabad
Royal stag price in Pune Pune
Royal stag price in Kerala Kerala
Royal stag price in Karnataka Karnataka
Royal stag price in Rajasthan Rajasthan
Royal stag price in Jammu Jammu
Royal stag price in Jharkhand Jharkhand
Royal stag price in Andhra Pradesh Andra Pradesh
Royal stag price in Uttarakhand Uttarakhand


Benefits of Royal Stag Whisky

These benefits not only apply to Royal Stag, these benefits apply to all brands but not equally.

So if you drink whiskey in a week or once in a while then you must know about these benefits. Usually, people in India drink whiskey at a particular moment for pleasure.

There are many benefits of whisky, some of them are given below such as –

  • Whisky fights cancer so people who are suffering from cancer can drink whisky because whisky contains acids that work like medicine in the human body.
  • If you drink whisky you can fight against heart disease and heart failure. Because antioxidants are found more in whisky.
  • As you know how much fat is in sugar, so people who are suffering from sugar disease. And they drink other alcohol then they can drink whiskey instead of that alcohol because whiskey does not contain fat. So Whisky is good for diabetics patients.
  • Whisky is good for the cold. This means that whiskey can fight cold.
  • Whiskey increases your blood circulation and for this, your memory works fine.
  • If you are working out regularly and feeling tired then you can drink whiskey slowly. This will give you rest and your sleep will also be complete.

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Why do whiskey prices differ by state?

Because the excise charge is different in different states, not the same. Therefore the cost of whiskey varies by state. Some states charge more tax and some less.

Can a whisky be carried from state to state?

No, you can’t if you do then you can be called a smuggler for that. And you may have to pay a fine and be required to go to jail.

Which state has the lowest whiskey price in India?

In Dadar and Nagar Haveli and Goa.


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