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NSP (National Scholarship Portal) which is run by the Ministry of Electronics of Information Technology, Government of India. This is a scholarship portal where students can apply for every scholarship of the central government.

Whatever central scholarship is available in the whole of India, it has to be applied from here. We have discussed below how to apply for a scholarship. How to renew your scholarship? How to check your scholarship eligibility? we have discussed all the processes of NSP so that you understand everything of NSP.


If you are a student or if you are a guardian of a student, then you should know that how NSP is working. And what are the way to apply in it and what is the way to check a scholarship payment? So let’s know all the processes of NSP one by one.

How to check Scholarship eligibility on NSP?

If you want to apply for a scholarship on NSP, you must first check the eligibility. Below are the procedures to check eligibility for a scholarship on NSP. How to check if you are eligible for that scholarship.


So let’s know how to check eligibility for a scholarship on NSP –

Now you will see the result there if you are eligible for a scholarship in your state. And if no result is shown then it means that there is no scholarship going on in your state or you are not eligible.


We also discussed how to apply for a scholarship below. Read the article till the end to know all about the NSP scholarship portal.

All scholarship schemes of NSP (National Scholarship Portal)

According to the National Scholarship Portal, all central government scholarships given to students in the country determine the NSP. If a student wants to apply for a central government scholarship, then he or she must apply for trough National Scholarship Portal’s website.


All the scholarship schemes of the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) are discussed below. And the scholarships of all the states under the National Scholarship Portal are also discussed below.

Central Scholarship Schemes

All central scholarship schemes are discussed below category wise. Whatever you want to know about central scholarship schemes, choose from below.


All Scholarships for minorities –

All Disability Empowerment Scholarships –

All scholarships of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

Scholarship for Labor Empowerment

Scholarship for tribal people

School Education and Literacy Department scholarships

Department of Higher Education scholarships

Scholarship for WARB,

RPF/RPSF Ministry of Railway scholarships

  • Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme For RPF/RPSF.

UGC (University Grants Commission) Schemes

State Wise Scholarships Schemes

Now you will know the list of all scholarship schemes of the state which is included in the national scholarship portal. By this, you will know that you can apply for which scholarship in your state.

Assam Scholarships

Arunachal Pradesh Scholarships

Bihar Scholarships

Chandigarh Scholarships

Dadra and Nagar-Haveli Scholarships

Himachal Pradesh Scholarships

Jammu Kashmir Scholarships

Karnataka Scholarships

Manipur Scholarships

Meghalaya Scholarships

Tripura Scholarships

Uttarakhand Scholarships

For all the above scholarship you have to apply on the  NSP portal then you will get the scholarship.

How can you apply for the online scholarship at NSP?

If you are eligible to apply for a scholarship on the National Scholarship portal by checking out eligibility details. So, let’s know how to apply for a scholarship at NSP. Before applying for a scholarship you need to know what documents will need to apply for a scholarship.


Then let’s know what documents will be required to apply for a scholarship –

What documents will be required to apply for a scholarship?

Here is a list of only the Central Government and State Government scholarship schemes. And the document list of UGC scholarship is not given here.


UGC Scholarship holders are paid a lot of money so the list of UGC Scholarship documents is a bit different. Documents are prescribed according to the scholarship for the UGC scholarship.

Let’s know what document will be required to apply in NSP –


The above-listed documents need to be uploaded while applying online for a scholarship.

 Procedure to apply for a scholarship on NSP

There is some procedure for applying for the scholarship. Once you know the scholarship procedure of NSP you will not face any difficulty while applying for any scholarship.


Let us know which process of NSP has to be followed to apply for a scholarship-

So this is the application process and If you want to apply for a scholarship on NSP then you must follow the above process.


NSP Registration for Fresh Students

To apply for a scholarship on NSP, students must first register on the NSP portal themselves. How to register a student in the NSP portal is discussed below.

This is the student registering process with NSP. Now according to the procedure, you have to log in to the NSP portal with your user ID and Password.


NSP Login for fresh Registration

This is the first time you will log in to the NSP portal. For this, you will need

  1. Your mobile,
  2. User ID,
  3. and password.

So let’s find out how to login to NSP for the First time-


This is the process of the first-time login. According to the procedure, now you need to apply for the scholarship online.

How you can apply online for Scholarship at NSP?

Find out below how to apply for a scholarship online on NSP. As per the above-mentioned procedure. You will need to apply online for a scholarship from the student dashboard on National Scholarship Portal.


We have discussed above how to login to the NSP for the first time. if you have not read, then read from above.

Let’s find out how to apply for a scholarship online on NSP after logging in –


This is the process to apply for a scholarship on National Scholarship Portal.

How to find Institute details on the National Scholarship Portal?

If you do not recognize your school details in the NSP online application form, then you can find the details of your school/institute on the NSP.


Let’s know how you can find your school details –

If you select school details incorrectly on your application form then you may not get a scholarship. If you select wrong school details then your application will not be verified from the school level and you will not get a scholarship for that.


How you can renew a scholarship at NSP?

If you get scholarship previews year then you must have been given a user ID and password. If you are applying for a scholarship on NSP, you must have a user ID and Password.

And If you have two user-id or more than one user id. Then your application will be considered a duplicate and you will not get a scholarship.


If you have forgotten your NSP user ID and password then you can change it. This is also discussed below how you can reset your NSP user ID and Password.

If you remember your NSP user ID and password, find out now how to apply for a renewal scholarship.


Take a printout copy of this acknowledgment and submit to your institute.

How to reset the password and user ID on NSP?

You can recover your user ID using your Bank Account number and mobile number. And remember one thing that you must have a mobile number. From the previews year registered to reset your password.


How to Reset NSP Password

How to Reset User ID/ Application ID

How I can change my mobile number on NSP?

If you want to update your mobile number in NSP, you need to have an application ID and its password. To update your mobile number on the national scholarship portal kindly follow the below-mentioned instructions.

If you want to update your mobile number in NSP, you must have –

  1. An old mobile number,
  2. Date of Birth,
  3. Application ID,
  4. Applicant name,
  5. Mother name,
  6. Bank account number and
  7. IFSC code of bank ca count.

Let’s know how to update the old mobile number in NSP –

Objectives of National Scholarship Portal

NSP has a few objectives from which some of the objectives are highlighted below.


Benefits of NSP

NSP has many benefits, some of which highlighted below.

Helpline Numbers of NSP

If you have any difficulty in processing the scholarship application. The NSP portal has issued a helpline number as below.


The applicant will get the solution to his/her problem related to a scholarship from this helpline number.

  1. Helpline number – 0120 – 6619540
  2. Email – helpdesk@nsp.gov.in
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