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SSMMS (Sand sale management and monitoring system ). We are discussing how to register/ Book online/ customer registration for sand.

The government of Telangana has launched an online portal for the monitoring and management of the sale of sand within the state known as Sand Sale Management and Monitoring System or simply SSMMS in short.

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What is SSMMS?

Sand Sale Management and Monitoring System is an initiative of the Telangana government to monitor the sale of sand from within the state. Sand booking and purchase in Telangana has now become an easy and affordable task with just one click.


The move is a plausible step by the Telangana govt. as it makes the job easier by not being physically present at the site. Customers for sand in Telangana can now easily book and purchase under this portal.

SSMMS is an initiative of the Telangana state Minerals Corporation and the Department of Industries, govt. of Telangana to make the sale of sand effective in the state.

The introduction of this scheme has brought transparency to stakeholders and customers at affordable prices with less effort.

How does SSMMS work?

SSMMS operates under the government of Telangana. The work of SSMMS is to provide easy access to sand buyers and stakeholders by keeping track of the availability of different types of sand requires by individual customers and stakeholders.


Also by notifying the stock availability of the sand required and other requirements by timely updates on the website itself.

Customers and stakeholders can book, track the status of their purchase just like any other commercial based applications such as Flipkart, Amazon the only difference being the latter are privately owned entities and SSMMS being state-owned.

How do customers register on SSMMS?

Any customer willing to buy sand from the portal will have to register on the state-owned website to successfully book/ order sand from the state. The process of Registration are as follows :sand ssmms customer register

  • A sand customer will have to visit the official website
  • The customer will then have to click on the “registrations” link on the menu-bar.
  • A drop-down list will appear whereby a sand customer will have to select the “ customer registration” option.
  • The customer will then have to input his/her mobile no. where an OTP will be sent for customer mobile verification.
  • Once the OTP is entered, a verification message will pop up on the screen.
  • After successful verification of OTP, a registration form will appear where the customer will have to input certain credentials asked on the portal.
  • Once the form is filled and submitted, a customer would be registered successfully and can also check the list of all the verified sand customers within the state.
  • A customer can then search his/ her own name by entering the registered mobile number.
  • A customer can then check his/ her registration and verification status.

How to check the registered customer list on the SSMMS portal?

Like we have mentioned above how to do customer registration in the SSMS portal. So if you want to become a regular customer of SSMMS and have also submitted your registration form.


So now you want to check your name in the customer registered list. Is your name registered or not? then follow the steps given below –

  1. First of all, go to the SSMS portal.
  2. Then move the mouse over the registration from the top menu bar and then click on the customer registered list.
  3. Now you will see a list of all registered customers. And to know your name from there, you have to enter your registered mobile number and also fill the captcha to search your name. As you can see in the photo below.registered customer list

Vehicle Registration Process

Now we will talk about the vehicle registration process on that portal. If you want to get sand with the help of the SSMMS portal, you can do this only with a registered vehicle.

So for this, you have to get your vehicle registered. So let’s know about the whole process of registering your vehicle.

Now customers and stakeholders can also register their vehicles under the SSMMS portal. Vehicle owners like lorries/ trucks/ tractors who wish to lend can register under the portal and will be officially registered under the SSMMS website.


To get a vehicle registered, you will need your vehicle’s registered number and vehicle registration certificate. So let’s know about the entire process of vehicle registration.

  • First, you have to go to the website
  • After that, you will have to take your mouse on over registration from the menubar above.
  • And from there you will have to click on the vehicle registration.
  • Now a new page will open in front of you as shown in the photo below.vehicle registration process
  • There you have to give the complete details of your vehicle correctly.
  • After that fill the captcha code and click on the registration

Note: After registering the vehicle, if you wish, you can also get your vehicle registration file updated. But one thing to keep in mind is that if you do not upload a clear copy of the RC of your vehicle in this update process. Then your vehicle registration will be blocked. So keeping this in mind, and update your vehicle details.

Benefits of SSMMS

The main benefit of the SSMMS online booking portal is that any buyer of sand in the state of Telangana can now easily book and purchase the desired type of sand without having to be physically present at the office address.

A sand customer can now easily buy sand on the palm of his/ her hand at just one click and can get it delivered at the designated location saving time and money.


Another benefit of the SSMMS portal is that the portal can also be used for vehicle registration in the state of Telangana.

How to book and track sand online?

Any registered and verified buyer can easily book and purchase sand from the website. If any customer wants to book sand, then they must have to follow the following simple steps :

  • Go to the official website.
  • Login by entering your credentials ( mobile number, registration ID, user name, password)
  • The customer will then have to select his/ her district from the drop-down box
  • The customer will then have to select the “select stockyard” option
  • After entering all the details and credentials, a customer will have to select the register/ submit button.
  • Once submitted a confirmation window will appear.

Track your order on SSMMS portal

If you have booked sand online. And you want to track the order and you want to know that your sand delivery process status. So you can track your order online by sitting at home.track order

To check an order, you must have an order ID. Let’s know about how to check order status.

  1. First, click here.
  2. And then a new page will open in front of you where you have to fill your order number.
  3. And after filling the captcha code click on Get Status.

How to check booking status?



A customer can also track his/ her booking status via the portal. A customer with undelivered order can track booking status with the help of the following steps :

  • A customer will have to go to the official website
  • Next, the customer will have to tap on the “bookings” option on the home page of the portal.
  • Then the customer will have to tap on the “Track your order” button
  • Then enter the order ID and click on the “get status” option.
  • The status of the undelivered order will finally appear.
  • A customer will have to enter a valid mobile number to track the status of the order.



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