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Voter List Assam 2022 pdf Download – With Photo


Voter List Assam 2022 has been released – If you want to download Assam New Electoral Roll 2022 then follow the steps.

A voter list is very important nowadays and obviously, you should download and keep it with you. We have given the below link from there you can download it with a color photo.

Assam voter list 2022 also can be downloaded from the online portal CEO Assam and can see details about people, it’s easy and very simple to download and see all electoral details in a moment.

In this article, you will know how you can able to download the voter list Assam 2022 pdf, read the article till the end to know everything about Electoral roll Assam.

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Voter List Assam 2022 pdf Download

If you are looking for a voter list Assam 2022 pdf then you can download it. The government of Assam published the electoral roll 2022 in the month of August.

People of Assam can download their voter list from the online portal of the election commission of India. Also, the Election Commission of India has been providing electoral roll through the online portal CEO Assam.

Sometimes peoples need his/her electoral roll for many reasons. Keeping the same issue in front, the government gave an opportunity to download the electoral roll online.


The complete information regarding downloading the voter list for the state of Assam is given and detailed in the below sections.

How To Download Voter List Assam 2022 PDF?

Know about how to download the voter list Assam 2022 pdf from here. If you newly enrolled your name on the Electoral Roll of the Election Commission of India then you are eligible to download Voter List Assam 2022 PDF online.

Recently a new voter list has been released with photos by CEO Assam. However, a new voter list is published on January 1 each year. If you want to download the present year voter list in PDF format then you can download them.

I have explained here the process of downloading a new voter list of Assam as follows –

  • First, visit CEO Assam’s official website. Click here.
  • Go to PDF Electoral Rolls as shown on the imagepdf electoral roll assam
  • After that, you have to select your district and constituency from the list.
  • Now Select your polling station from the list.
  • Click on your station name and then download your Electoral Roll.

Why is Voter List Assam pdf required?

A voter List or Electoral roll is a document that works as a citizen proof in many places. In many government cases, the officials ask you for the latest voter list.

  • To avail government scheme you should have a name on the voter list.
  • You can submit the voter list as a citizen proof document.

How to download Old Voter List in Assam?

If you are looking for the old voter list of Assam then we have provided information in the below section on whether you can download it or not.

First of all, I want to tell you that if a specific year’s voter list is very needy of you then you have to go to the district election office. Such as if you need a 1971 voter list or the 2008 voter list then you have to go to the district election office.

People can’t download the old voter list in Assam from the online portal of CEO Assam. But can be downloaded only the present year voter list or electoral roll.


For the old electoral roll, people can visit the district electoral office. And you must need a receipt or any documents related to that year’s voter list. After that, you can submit your application to the district electoral office. And if you have no document related to that year’s voter list then also you can print out that copy from the office.

Voter List of Assam 1953-1971 Download

If you are looking to download the Voter List of Assam between 1953 to 1971 then you can download it only from the NRC’s legacy data website.

Yes, you can download the electoral roll from 1953 to 1971 through the legacy data. Those who have the legacy data only they can download their voter list from the online portal of the NRC website where you searched for NRC legacy data.

For more information read the How to Download Voter List 1953-1971 section below.


How to Download Voter List Assam 1953-1971?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to download your old voter list :

  • At first visit legacy, data search official website.
  • Now go to the image id search option.
  • Then copy your image id from legacy data and paste it there and
  • After that, click on the view image then your voter list will be displayed.
  • Now right-click on the image and click on save the image.

How to check names on Voter List online?

How to check names in the voter list online? you will know all the details in this section. If you applied for correction entire your voter details then you can check it online.

If you want to check your name in the new voter list online then follow the instruction explained below.

  • To check, your name on the voter card online firstly go to the https://electoralsearch.in/ website.
  • now you can check your card details in two ways one is with your details and another is with the help of an EPIC number.
  • After entering the website you must click on the continue button
  • After that, select search by epic number as shown on the image

how to check voter card online

  • Now put your epic number and state
  • Enter the captcha and click on search your voter card details will be displayed.

So, that is the process of checking voter card details online. If you getting any errors then comment below.

Electoral Roll Portal – CEO ASSAM 

CEO Assam state electoral portal who provide you electoral roll pdf. Moreover, you can search your name through that portal.

In the state portal of CEO Assam, you can get many government services easily. Above mentioned services and more government services are available there like general information on the election commission of India, polling details, Rajya Saba and Lok Sabha election details and also you can download various forms related to the election commission of India.

Electoral roll download pdf with photos Assam

People asking about electoral roll download with photos in pdf. This is possible but in some cases, it’s showing an error like a server error. People can’t download their own voter list from the portal but now it is resolved.


To download the electoral roll pdf along with the photograph you have to go to http://ceoassam.nic.in/ website. By choosing electoral roll pdf you can download your pdf voter list.

People also looking for general information like IEC Activity and more maps of parliamentary constitutions etc. All the details are available in the CEO Assam Portal for the help of citizens.

Click here to be redirected to the home page.

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